my fave [kind] things

I thought it would be fun to give you a better idea of some of the vegan/vegetarian/cruelty-free products that I love. I hope this list will inspire you to try some new stuff – and hey, maybe become one of your favorite things, too.

#1: vegan blog: ohdeardrea

#2: veg female celeb: alicia silverstone

#3: veg male celeb: joaquin phoenix

#4: cruelty-free lip balm: yes to grapefruit naturally smooth lip balm

#5: cruelty-free hair: alba botanica drink it up coconut (SMELLS LIKE VACA <3)

#6: cruelty-free make-up: elf for cheapie, tarte for pricey

#7: veg pizza topping: peppers, onions, olives, mushrooms

#8: veg ice cream: so delicious cashew snickerdoodle – I wish I could spoon-feed this to the world. THE BEST EVER. + almond dream vanilla bites, because these bad boys tastes just like a mickey’s premium bar from disney.

#9: veg candy: endangered species dark chocolate w/ sea salt and almond – the best part of this is 10% of net profits from your purchase are donated to support conservation efforts!

#10: veg milk: vanilla almond + cashew milk

#11: veg protein: beans, lentils, + tempeh

#12: veg breakfast: tofu breakfast sandwich with avocado + overnight oats

#13: veg cheese: homemade cashew cheese, or daiya brand

#14: type of nut: pistachio

#15: veg quote: “it takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.” -joaquin phoenix

#16: documentary: vegucated + blackfish

#17: veg cookbook: the plantiful tablethug kitchen: eat like you give a f*ck

#18: health superfood: cacao, acai, + flax

#19: grocery store: trader joe’s for life

#20: farm animal: pigs!


7 thoughts on “my fave [kind] things

  1. Hi. Just want you to know that EOS and Burt’s Bees products are tested on animals, because they sell their products in China. China has awful, outdated laws that state that any beauty product not made in China must be post-production tested on animals for “safety.” They pull products off the shelves at stores and test them on animals.

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