Fascinating Facts About Elephants

World Elephant Day: Fascinating Elephant Facts

Happy World Elephant Day, friends!

There’s no way I could let today pass without doing something to honor these beautiful beings. Elephants are one of Earth’s most majestic creatures. Aside from their beauty, they are absolutely intelligent and powerful. While we can all say, “aw, I love elephants!” can we all really say we know a lot about them? If you’re an elephant lover, you should take a closer look at who they really are as a species.

On World Elephant Day, let’s celebrate their existence by learning more about them. Here are some fast facts.

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Vegan Food Documentaries

10 Eye-Opening Documentaries

Good morning, loves :) It’s a cloudy morning and I’m up at 5:47 AM. I love blogging when the house is still quiet. It sets a good mood for the day, before having to go to work for 9 hours and all the hustle and bustle. I have my oil diffuser on (lemongrass and lavender!) and Lord Huron is playing in the background. Side note, Lord Huron is an incredible artist, and you should listen to this song. Anyone else a fan?

Anywayyyyssss. Today, I’m talking to all the Netflix bingers, Netflix-and-Chillers, and couch potatoes. When people ask me how they can get started with a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, I always tell them the same thing: watch the documentaries. I’ve said it over and over again on here, but it’s worth saying again because these are what really pushed and inspired me to go all in. After watching these, I never looked back. Whether you are looking to go vegetarian/vegan, bored, or just need some eye-opening facts to kick health into gear, these will do it for ya.

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How to Vegan Blog

How Committing to Cruelty Free Living Saved my Mental Health

The following post is written by vegan blogger, Brooke, from How to Vegan.

“Vegan for the animals.” It’s a phrase that I hear or see almost daily, and one that I identify with whole heartedly. I am one of those people who gave up animal products from my life for ethical reasons, because the treatment of animals in industry is something that haunts my mind. I can distinctly remember the time in my life when I really forced myself to come face to face with the realities of animal exploitation. I can remember it because I was depressed and could not get these images out of my mind, 24 hours a day. I had finally forced myself to not look away, no matter how badly I wanted to. I made the connection between my plate and the lives of these animals, and it was haunting. I was sad, defeated, and overwhelmed by the reality that no matter what I do, I can’t even put a dent in the 10 billion animals slaughtered for food every year. There was no way.

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How to Vegan Blog

Blogger Spotlight: How to Vegan

I’m super excited to introduce you to a friend and fellow vegan blogger, Brooke from How to Vegan. You may recognize this name if you follow my Facebook page, since I recently posted a picture of her vegan mac and cheese (which is INCREDIBLE, btw). How to Vegan is a place to find recipes, answers to your FAQ vegan questions, and just some serious inspiration. I especially gravitate towards the vegan clothing/accessory posts because I’m trying to be better about this, myself.

I asked her a few questions so that we could all get to know her inspiring story better – and keep a lookout, because next week she’ll be sharing a guest post with us. It’s titled “How Committing to Cruelty Free Living Saved my Mental Health,” and it’s definitely something I think each one of us can relate to on some level!

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Eye-Opening Dairy Industry Facts

10 Eye-Opening Dairy Industry Facts

I can’t tell you how many times I get asked, “Why vegan? Why not just vegetarian?” I guess vegetarianism would be easier, right? Well, no. Not for me. I can’t stomach the thought of male baby chicks being ground up alive because they are useless in the egg industry just as much as I can’t bear the thought of eating my animal friends.

Too many people do not understand the harsh, eye-opening facts that surround the dairy industry – eggs to milk. So hey, here’s some disgusting food for thought. Here are 10 reasons why I choose vegan, not vegetarian.

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Vegan Motivation

12 Motivational Images to Get Your Ass in Gear

Confession: This veganism thing is new to me. And hard for me. For a long time I did “Vegan Before 6,” where the majority of what I ate was vegan. Then I decided to make the full switch. And I still slip up sometimes. I’m working on it, but I’m not making myself feel bad about it. I am a work in progress! As Bianca likes to say, “Do the least harm, and the most good.” I love her for that.

I know the torture animals go through for us to have meat, dairy, eggs. I’ve seen the documentaries. I’ve read the articles and looked at the pictures. I’ve texted back and forth with Bianca (And anyone else who will listen. Just ask my saint of a boyfriend and my patient mother.) about the horrors of the dairy industry (I can’t get over mama cows mourning their babies. I can’t.) and the animal testing industry. But sometimes, there’s nothing like a well-designed quote graphic to motivate you, right? Just ask my Pinterest board.
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Prevention of Animal Cruelty

Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month: 10 WTF Facts

Today kicks off a cause that is dear to my heart: Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month. Each year, the ASPCA urges supporters across the country to “Go Orange for Animals.” Organize a fundraiser, become an animal activist, write an informational blog post, wear orange, spread the word on social media… there are a number of ways to get involved this month and show your support. Here at The Friendly Fig, I’m rockin’ my orange and here to open your fucking eyes. Eye-opening facts are inside the post. It’s time to take off your blinders. Continue reading

Facts About Pigs

Happy National Pig Day! 10 Fast Facts

Happy National Pig Day, everyone! I am pretty excited about this, because pigs have always had a very special place in my heart. While most girls have princess themed rooms growing up, I had an orca theme, as well as a pig theme. Yep, always loved them! In fact, before going vegan or even vegetarian, I cut pork from my diet long before. Of course as I did my research and time passed, I adopted my vegan diet, and so it goes. But yes, pigs. Pigs are incredible, incredible beings.

So, I want to celebrate with some fast facts. If you are not a vegetarian or vegan, I think these facts will give you a better look at how extraordinary pigs really are.

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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

It’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

I am a huge dog lover. I want dogs around me at all times. I want to cuddle them and pet them and play ball with them and frolic through fields of wildflowers with them. Dogs live in the moment, they love unconditionally, and they are just such great companions! If you’re thinking of getting a dog, I’m super jealous. I just don’t have the means (finances, space, time, etc.) to give a dog a good home at this point in my life. But one day I will adopt – not buy – and you should, too! Here’s why: Continue reading