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12 Inspiring Celebrities Who Are Vegan

EDIT: Some celebrities in this post may not still be vegan. Unfortunately over time, some of these people did not stick with a vegan lifestyle. I am, however, not deleting this post, as there are still some inspiring vegans listed. Feel free to make corrections in the comments below. Thank you!


Confession time: I am one of those people who enjoy catching up on whatever-the-hell celebrities are doing these days. No, not like the Enquirer or any of that crap, but just celebrity news. I know, it’s crap, but it’s a guilty pleasure of mine – especially celebrities who I love! I decided it is only appropriate for me to write about a few of my favorite vegan celebrities. Truth be told, there were a TON that I didn’t realize were vegan!

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Captivity Kills Save Whales

Captivity Kills: Save the Whales

Everyone has that one memory that sticks out like a sore thumb. Mine is a time when my Nana took me to go see Crossroads – you know, the classic Britney Spears movie. I was 12 years old, and I felt really cool being able to go see a PG-13 rated movie! No, this isn’t the important part of the story, though that was one helluva movie for pre-teen Bianca. I remember this day because when we arrived back home, my Mom informed me that there was a beached blue whale at Narragansett beach. Granted, a beached whale is not the best way to see a whale with your own eyes for the first time, but I was determined to get there. Seeing that magnificent creature before my eyes was exhilarating. So, you can imagine my excitement when Blackfish was being promoted.

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