It's A Girl

It’s A Girl!

I’m absolutely bursting at the seams right now. I am NOT good at holding in secrets and this lime-sized one has been absolutely killing me. We’re expecting a daughter in the warm, sunny days of September 2017!

There are no words to express how blessed and thrilled Joe and I are to be able to share this news – it still hasn’t fully hit us, quite honestly. But each day, it becomes a little more real. It’s pure magic.
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200 Artsy Creative Spirit Baby Names

200 Artsy + Creative Spirit Baby Names

Artistic and creative spirits are some of my favorite people. Not only do I work on a design time myself, but I’ve just always connected to creatives (I mean, I majored in English/Creative Writing with a minor in art). That said, I love names that evoke that same artistic aura. These may or may not resonate with you the same way they do me, but here’s a list of names that I personally compiled that I feel captures a creative spirit. Enjoy the inspiration – whether you are a name lover like me or a mama bear on the hunt for the perfect moniker. xx

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200 Indie Bohemian Baby Names

200 Indie + Bohemian Baby Names, part 2

Hi friends!

I wrote this same post in the past, and it has been such a hit. Being as obsessed with names as I am, I wanted to follow up with a part 2 – there are plenty more indie and boho names out there, and they are a great addition to part 1 of this post – no repeats! I hope you don’t mind ;)

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Trader Joe's Vegan Haul

My Vegan Trader Joe’s Haul

Hi friends :)

I hope life is good with all of you – nothing crazy going on over here. We’ve been enjoying the quiet of January and getting ready to go to Florida in February. My parents have a place down there, so I am excited for warm weather and to explore Delray, West Palm Beach, and possibly Miami. I hear there are a ton of vegan/plant-based spots, and I’ll surely post about it once I get back. I’m so excited!! If you have any recommendations for me, please don’t hesitate to share in the comments.

Other than that, I thought I would just write a simple post today sharing my usual vegan haul from Trader Joe’s. We go shopping once a week, which has worked for us for years now. It’s one of our favorite things to do together. While I definitely grab some speciality items from TJ’s every once in a while (I mean, they always have new awesome products), we stick to pretty much the basics. I usually come up with some meal ideas beforehand to make sure I grab everything I’ll need for the week.

So, take a look below if you’re interested to see I’m grabbing at the grocery store. I hope it inspires your own shopping list, too!
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Spirit Animal Ink

Spirit Animal Ink

Hi friends – spent some time on the last day of 2016 by getting my third tattoo – and I’m still swooning.

Ever since I could remember, I’ve felt a strong connection to the whale. To be honest, I think it was the movie Free Willy that did it. I was obsessed as a kid, and ever since then, it was orca and whale everything. I had a whale themed bedroom, a ton of books, went whale watching as often as time and money allowed, and wanted to be a marine biologist. While the marine biologist bit didn’t stick, my connection never faded. I’ve been wanting a tattoo on my forearm for a while now, and I knew that a whale friend would be the perfect addition. I love tattoos, but I am picky and very cautious. But with the whale, I just knew that every time I look at it, I’ll smile. That will never change. They make me so happy.

So friends, meet my spirit animal, Luna. Of course I had to name her. Symbolism is a large part of what I do for a living, so I wrote a quick excerpt of what she means to me.

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Things I'm Loving

Things I’m Loving 3

Taking a little break from all the recipes I have been posting lately and reflecting on the things that have my heart at the moment – from music, food, television, and beyond.

Also, I just have to say… devastated over Carrie Fisher. She was one of my very first heroes to look up to as a little girl. She was a badass woman, and I’ll miss her presence. RIP, my fierce princess. What an inspiration. xx
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10 Vegan Stocking Stuffer Ideas

10 Vegan Stocking Stuffers

I love giving gifts. I know that everyone says that, but I reallyyyyyy really love it! I always tend to go overboard, because I can’t help myself. If I see something that someone will love, I have to grab it. Sometimes I will grab something months and months in advance and just hang onto it until a holiday or birthday.

I don’t have too many other vegans in my life (my mom!) but I think it’s fun to think about all the cool stocking stuffers that I’d appreciate as a vegan. A lot of people may not know where to begin when gift shopping for a vegan or vegetarian, so hey… here are some awesome ideas from on veg-head to another. Last minute shoppers, enjoy!

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Current Digs Playlist | The Friendly Fig

Current Digs Playlist

Hi guys :)

I haven’t shared a current digs playlist in a while, so thought I would compile. Life has been really great – talked about a few key points here. The only other thing really on my mind right now is that Joe and I are currently binging That 70’s Show, and it has been making my life. Why does it always take me so long to watch incredible shows? Trying not to be a total couch potato, but it’s hard when it is cold and there’s good tv to be watched.

I hope you enjoy the music, and hope life is wonderful for you. xx
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