Tomato White Bean Salad

Cherry Tomato, Avo & White Bean Salad

I’ve been on a salad kick lately… girlfriend is trying to get that bikini body [minus the I’m-only-drinking-this-lemon-and-cayenne-pepper-water-for-days-and-fucking-starving ordeal].

A big ass salad packed with nutrients is exactly what the doctor ordered, for real. The beans are packed with protein and fiber, keeping you fuller, longer. The avocado is full of omega-3s and healthy fats (and the olive oil!). The tomatoes add that sweetness that the dish needs… it is perfect. One of my favorite quick salad recipes!
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Vegetable Noodles Recipe

Lazy Dinner: Voodles

Just another lazy dinner for your lazy ass. And mine, too. Have I mentioned that my spiralizer is my bff?

There is really nothing better than coming home after a busy day and making a dinner that takes all of 10 minutes. I mean honestly, our lives are busy! Well, most of the time. Sometimes it is nice simply because you want to hurry up and get back to your Friends marathon on Netflix. #GuiltyAsCharged

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Kale and Beans Vegan

Kale, Swiss Chard & Pink Beans Bowl

Greens and beans, greens and beans! Aside from my all-time favorite Escarole & Beans, I have to say that this easy and garden-fresh dish is a close second. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or even a meat-eater, it is important to get your daily dose of greens into your diet. Not into kale? Well that’s fine, because you have a shit ton to choose from: spinach, escarole, romaine lettuce, swiss chard, collard greens, dandelion greens, the list goes on. This dish in particular is a double-dose for a double-whammy amount of greens. Kale and Red Swiss Chard go great together! Dump in those pretty pink beans and you have a protein and nutrient-packed meal.

Not to mention… red swiss chard is so so pretty.

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Barley and Beans Vegan

#MexicanMarch Lazy Dinner: Barley & Beans

And for our last #MexicanMarch meal idea, we are going lazy lazy lazy again. Not much is better than lazy Mexican food. I have to be honest – this doesn’t pass as a traditional Mexican meal, but it is definitely mexican-inspired. Barley and beans, anyone? You’ll be getting lots of fiber and protein from this dish! And lots of extra time to watch Netflix because it doesn’t take long to make.
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Vegan Southwestern Bowl

#MexicanMarch Lazy Dinner: Southwestern Bowl

Ah Fridays. You aren’t what you used to be. For me, the partying days are long gone. In fact, they never really began. I’ve always been a homebody, and I would rather stay in with my flannel long-johns and oversized sweatshirt with silly sitcoms rather than get all dolled up and conversate with drunk people, who by the way, I have no desire to conversate with. So on this wonderful Friday night-in, how about some lazy dinner to go with your lazy ass? Hell yeah.

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Vegan Glow Bowl

Avo Glow Bowl

This bowl makes me so so happy. It’s just so pretty to look at, aside from how healthy, wholesome, and fresh it is. Lots of lemon gives this dish a bright flavor, and the red pepper flakes give it a bit of heat, if you’re into that sorta thing. Best part? LAZY DINNER!

So here’s some serious dinner/lunch inspiration.

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Vegan Frozen Foods

National Frozen Food Day: 10 Veg Varieties

It’s not like me to celebrate frozen foods, but I have to admit… there are some decent frozen food options for vegans/vegetarians out there. It’s not always easy to whip up something fresh (we all have those days), so keeping frozen meals on hand can save you the time and energy that you most certainly do not have after a hectic-as-hell day.

These are a few of the products that I keep on hand in my freezer. Yes, I would rather make my own veggie burger, but cut this working girl some slack! 45 hours a week is not always pretty. And sometimes, even lazy dinners are *gasp* too much to ask. Amiright?

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