It's A Girl

It’s A Girl!

I’m absolutely bursting at the seams right now. I am NOT good at holding in secrets and this lime-sized one has been absolutely killing me. We’re expecting a daughter in the warm, sunny days of September 2017!

There are no words to express how blessed and thrilled Joe and I are to be able to share this news – it still hasn’t fully hit us, quite honestly. But each day, it becomes a little more real. It’s pure magic.
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The Friendly Fig

I’m Back!

After a much-needed hiatus, I’m happy to say that I’m finally ready to make a comeback. Between the wedding, freelance work, and starting a new (and amazing!) job opportunity, I was really strapped for time. I was also starting to feel like the blog was more of a chore than entertainment (and I never wanted to feel like that!) Taking time away gave me time to recharge, relax, and become inspired all over again.

With my two-year vegan anniversary today (yay!), I finally thought, “okay yeah, it’s time to dive back in.” I have an editorial calendar full of ideas, and hope that all you who have stuck around will share anything you want me to write about!

While I took time off, I did realize a couple things that I will be doing differently this time around…

#1: I burnt myself out by aiming to post every day, including weekends. I hope someday I will have the time to do that again, but for now, I am going to stick to 1-2 posts a week – the same good stuff… recipes, tips, cruelty-free finds, and even some personal/inspirational posts. I think this will give me enough time to write the best posts that I can, while still allowing me to enjoy my weekends and not feel too overwhelmed.

#2: The recipes may not be as *extravagant* as before. While I am obsessed with the rock candy donuts, I found that making all the sweet and indulgent meals left me putting on extra pounds, and spending extra money at the grocery store. I want this blog to be a true reflection of who I am and how I live every day. This means mostly whole food meals – easy and quick dishes. I really hope that you still find inspiration in them, and you can always head over to the dessert section and browse past recipes! I am not saying NO dessert by any means, just maybe less ;)

So, that is what you can expect from the Friendly Fig moving forward, and I hope that you’re down with that. I cannot wait to hear from you guys again, and keep on spreading that kind word.

Please say hello and let me know who’s still here… I am so excited to be back! Posts will start tomorrow :-D xx bianca