Vegan at Ocean State Job Lot

Shopping Vegan at Ocean State Job Lot

If you live in New England, you are lucky enough to know of a special place called JOB LOT. It does not sound sexy at all, right? But oh, it so is.

Job Lot is a store that carries a whole lot of random stuff at a discounted price. From food to tools to patio furniture to clothes, rugs, pet items, sunglasses, pots, pans, gardening things, hair care, skin care… basically everything you can think of. We have a ton of them in RI, but recently a super Job Lot opened close to us (when I say super, I mean like… WAY BIGGER and much more organized than the Job Lot I was used to). Joe laughs and tells everyone I should be the spokesperson for them because I cannot say enough great things. Every time we go, I am in heaven. We went opening day of the new place… it’s like that. Anyways, who the hell knew that Job Lot offered SO MANY vegan options at such a low price?! I honestly can not believe how much I find there that is #1 cheaper than usual, and #2 rare! From a whole wall of coconut oil products to all the Beanitos’ flavors under the sun (for $2!)… it’s everything.

So naturally, as the unofficial spokesperson of Job Lot, I wanted to share some of the incredible vegan finds that I always pick up there.

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Cruelty-Free Beauty Bag

#BeCrueltyFree Week: 10 Under $10 for Your Beauty Bag

By now, you all know that the three of us are big supporters of the #BeCrueltyFree campaign. So… you can imagine how excited we were when we were asked to participate in this year’s #BlogForBunnies for #BeCrueltyFree Week!

#BeCrueltyFree Week is a global awareness raising week where everyone joins in to make some noise about cosmetics cruelty, promote fab cruelty-free brands, and tell people about how they can support the campaign to end cosmetics cruelty in our country or globally. I thought now would be a great time to go over some affordable cruelty-free options. It’s NOT hard to #BuyTheBunny!

What’s in your vegan beauty bag? For me, I carry the essentials: lip balm, lip color, blush, liner, concealer, and mascara. If I wanted to go all crazy-Mary-Poppins-style, I would carry nail color, powder, hand lotion, face wipes… the works!! But I like to keep it simple.

We’ve found 10 under $10 compact & cruelty-free items that will keep you lookin’ goooood at all times.

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How To Save Money Vegan Diet

How to Save Money on a Vegan Diet

You’ve heard the excuses. “I could never be vegan – it is too expensive!” “You’ve been questioned. “How can you afford to eat vegan?” You’ve heard it all, right? “Where do you get your protein?” Sorry, just had to throw it in there!

In general, most people think it’s more expensive to eat a plant-based diet. I’m really not sure where this “expensive” label came from, because eating vegan has actually saved me money! Yes, if you choose to eat 100% organic, it can be pricey. I’m the first to admit that I do not eat as organic as I would like to (and should) because yes, it can get expensive. That’s why I try to stick to the dirty dozen and clean fifteen list.

But aside from organic, let’s be real here. Packaged foods that are processed are much more expensive than bananas! Meat is much more expensive than a large bag of rice or dried beans. A box of Poptarts run around $3.50, while a 5-lb bag of apples cost around the same, if not less. Yes, a vegan diet CAN be expensive if you choose to buy into all the processed and specialty products. The key is to eat clean, and eat from the earth.

So, you need a little help saving money on a vegan diet…

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