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Vegan in Disney: Days 3 & 4

Here comes part 2 of my Disney excursion. If you’re a vegan and haven’t been to Disney, just go now. Once you’re done looking through this one, go ahead and look at days 1 and 2. Yeah, food coma.

Day #3 Daytime

What I ate: Epcot, you surprised me! For breakfast, we ran over to Soarin’ before it got too busy, and then ate at Sunshine Seasons. They had chocolate soy milk (my shit right there!) and Enjoy Life cookies. Grabbed more of those, as well as some fruit! Bananas, grapes, and melon… perfect breakfast for this girl.

Lunch is what was really amazing, though. We went to Tangerine Cafe in Morocco, which is extremely vegan-friendly. I got this lentil and hummus platter below:

FullSizeRender (6)
FullSizeRender (7)

The only thing on the platter I couldn’t eat was the pita bread, but that was totally fine because that tangerine couscous stole my freaking heart.

Day #3 Nighttime

Hollywood Studios & Beaches and Cream
What I ate: On the rainiest day of our vaca, we headed to Hollywood Studios. It down-poured, baby. Joe, my bro, and I all wore ponchos proudly and didn’t let the torrential rain stop us. We hid under an umbrella for a bit to enjoy lunch, in which we hit up the Anaheim Produce Cart again. I had another pickle and a Mickey Pretzel with mustard – yes, they are vegan as is! Anyone else enjoy a big ‘ol soft pretzel? Truth be told, it is much better when it is shaped like Mickey because there is MORE TO EAT. lolol

Once dinner came around, we were not crazy hungry. So instead, we hit up Beaches & Cream at the Beach Club Resort and went to town on ice cream. They carry vanilla and chocolate Tofutti, as well as Rice Dream. GAH. I HAD THE BEST SUNDAEEEEE!! I opted for vanilla Tofutti with strawberry and hot fudge – both vegan!
FullSizeRender (9)

Not much more to say aside from UH YUM.

Day #4 Daytime

Magic Kingdom
What I ate: Our last day at the Magic Kingdom – super sad, of course. We rode Space Mountain a ton, and obviously the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Cart. I also kinda went crazy in the snack department… because hello, last day. Their popcorn is “buttered” but made with a blend of oils – so hello popcorn! Then I polished off another Dole Whip treat in Adventureland. I went with pineapple and orange swirl this time – great combo! The only one that is not vegan is the vanilla, but trust me… you don’t need it when you have the pineapple one!

Day #4 Nighttime

Epcot & Beaches and Cream (obvi)
What I ate: Time to eat more snacks, baby. Can you tell I love snacks? Oops. Chips and guacamole in Mexico are vegan and holy crap, the serving size is huge. These filled me up until dinner.

For dinner, we had a family reservation at Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco. Yes, more Morocco – I couldn’t get enough! I don’t even have a pic of my meal because I scarfed it down too fast – sorry!! They made my mom and I a huuuuge dish of couscous and roasted vegetables. It was super simple, but perfectly seasoned. I couldn’t have asked for a better dish to end off on!

Well, until we hit up Beaches & Cream again for more sundaes. Yep. This time I opted for marshmallow sauce with my strawberry sauce on the vanilla Toffuti. I LOVE MARSHMALLOWS. So this was the cherry on top ;)

The next morning was travel day, but we did eat at Pop Century before heading to the airport. I asked for the Mickey Waffles and they happily made me vegan ones! Super accommodating and hot damn, they were delish. Moral of this vaca? If you are kind to your server and ask to speak with the chef in Disney, they WILL take good care of you!

Here are a few more pics from our last 2 days:

FullSizeRender (8)

FullSizeRender (5)


Overall, we had such a great time. So many laughs and sooo much good food! Great rides, amazing people… it was just perfect. But of course… I was really happy to get home. I didn’t realize how much you could miss an inanimate object [read: my couch]. Oh, and hello… this little girl! My Minnie chillin’ with her inspo:

My girls <3

Any other Disney fans on here? Anyone else have a great vegan experience? I would love to hear about it! Thanks for listening to mine ;) xx Bianca


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