Vegan at Ocean State Job Lot

Shopping Vegan at Ocean State Job Lot

If you live in New England, you are lucky enough to know of a special place called JOB LOT. It does not sound sexy at all, right? But oh, it so is.

Job Lot is a store that carries a whole lot of random stuff at a discounted price. From food to tools to patio furniture to clothes, rugs, pet items, sunglasses, pots, pans, gardening things, hair care, skin care… basically everything you can think of. We have a ton of them in RI, but recently a super Job Lot opened close to us (when I say super, I mean like… WAY BIGGER and much more organized than the Job Lot I was used to). Joe laughs and tells everyone I should be the spokesperson for them because I cannot say enough great things. Every time we go, I am in heaven. We went opening day of the new place… it’s like that. Anyways, who the hell knew that Job Lot offered SO MANY vegan options at such a low price?! I honestly can not believe how much I find there that is #1 cheaper than usual, and #2 rare! From a whole wall of coconut oil products to all the Beanitos’ flavors under the sun (for $2!)… it’s everything.

So naturally, as the unofficial spokesperson of Job Lot, I wanted to share some of the incredible vegan finds that I always pick up there.

Coconut Products

Coconut sugar, coconut flour, coconut flakes, coconut chips, coconut oil, coconut spread, coconut everything you could want. And I mean, BIG tubs of coconut oil at a discounted price. You cannot go wrong here.

Peanut Butter & Co. Products

They have almost all flavors, and it only costs $3.50. Way cheaper than anywhere else I have seen this peanut butter. They also carry Brad’s Organic Peanut Butter for $3.99, which I love.


Bob’s Red Mill

*Aahhhhh* The wall of Bob’s Red Mill Products – anywhere between $3.99 – $10.99. They have it all, folks. I always grab my quinoa, lentils, barley, farro, corn starch, ground flaxseed, and millet from here. There’s also gluten free mixes, too.

IMG_6459 IMG_6460


For the tea drinkers out there (like myself), a wall of great options.


Puffins Cereal

They have a whole aisle for cereal, but in particular they carry Puffins for $3.50. Definitely the best price I’ve seen in our state.


Granola and Muesli

Tons of options – just read the labels to make sure whatever you pick up is vegan.



A whole nut aisle – and this is great, because nuts are always expensive. Even saving a few bucks here counts!


Fruit Preserves – Jam and Jellies

I love this aisle, because they have so many options that do not use gelatin (fruit pectin, instead). My favorite brand is Bon Maman because it is certified non-gmo, gluten-free, and all-natural. It tastes amazing.


Oil and Vinegar

They sell a wide variety – olive, canola, coconut, and even avocado. Avocado oil is amazing, by the way. Again, cheaper than most places! And maybe you can see in this pic… rice vinegar for $2. Steal!


Thai Red Rice Pasta

I love this stuff, and I love that they carry it. I actually found out about this brand through a Vegan Cuts subscription box, and you can imagine how thrilled I was to find it here.


Chia, Flaxseed, Hemp seeds, and misc.

I had to zoom in on the chia seed bag because seriously…$6.99 for that whole bag. Hemp seeds for $2 next to it, too!

IMG_6469 IMG_6470


Not that crappy table salt… the good stuff. From pink himalayan to sea salt. Cinnamon sticks, cracked black pepper, rubs… tons of seasonings here. And the spices? I mean… look at the pic below. An entire row of spices ONLY FOR $1 – $1.50. It honestly feels like you are robbing this place blind. 
IMG_6472 IMG_6473

Ah, I know there is more hiding in the aisles, but these are the pics I snapped from my most recent trip. I’ve also gotten Butter Bean cans for under $1, kale chips, chocolate covered almonds, chocolate bars and other misc candy, Vegetable Better Than Bouillion jars (my fave!!), vegan flavors of Popcorners, and more. You just need to get there and take your time in each aisle. They have so many great vegan snacks (I missed this aisle, but trust me… it’s there).

Any New Englanders out there? I really hope so, because you need to hit up your local Job Lot as soon as possible and take advantage of these savings. Soon, you’ll join me in happy dancing each time you shop there. Ah, I can tell by the way I am typing this that I must sound like a crazy person on speed, but I can’t help it. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. Seriously, though.

Anyone else have luck at Ocean State Job Lot? I’d love to hear your experience and goodies! xx bianca


13 thoughts on “Shopping Vegan at Ocean State Job Lot

  1. Yes!!!! Omg I love Job Lot. I live in New York (technically not New England) and we have them here too. I always get my Bobs and coconut oil here as well as loads of spice and last time I wet they had molasses for only $2.50 a jar! I can’t spend too much time in there though because I overwhelm myself with possibilities haha. And ours is right next to Dollar Tree- another vegan heaven!

    • Rosemary – I am sooo glad someone else here gets it!!! It’s like a dream come true. I’m the same way – I have to go in with a list or else I am sidetrack city in the snack aisle LOL. Dollar Tree – I need to get one near me and see what they have! Such a great suggestion – thank you for sharing my excitement with me first thing in the morning ;) xx bianca

  2. I live in New Hampshire and I love Job Lots! So much awesome vegan food. My favorite find was the Victoria Vegan pasta sauces for something like $3/jar? I bought several of their vodka sauce and the alfredo sauce, and I’m so sad I haven’t seen them since. I can’t seem to find the pasta sauces in stores anymore.

    Haha, I think you’ve inspired me to go check out my local Job Lots today! Besides yummy food, I’ve also had good luck with finding vegan cosmetics and body care products.

    • Jennifer – I’m so glad I could inspire a Job Lot trip!! I have not seen the Victoria Vegan pasta sauce, but I am adding it to my list to look for next time I go. I didn’t even think about beauty products… I am definitely going to check for that, too. Thank YOU for the inspiration ;) xx

      • I just stopped in tonight and I got three bag of the Beanfields chips (the ones that are like vegan Doritos), plus an almond butter filled dark chocolate Endangered Species chocolate bar, and raw cashews (I’m going to try making my own cashew cream). I never leave Job Lots empty handed!

    • They have the Victoria Sauces at our store too! I hvent seen the Alfredo but they have the vodka one. I can’t speak for cosmetics but I’ve def found vegan shampoo and conditioner their which was nice :)

      • That’s great to know, Rosemary! I need to check next time I go – would love the vodka one! xx

  3. I love this place too and almost always stop by when I’m in Hyannis (MA). I’m wondering if anyone knows whether their bar soaps sold under the label “Nature 2 Nature” are cruelty free. The soaps have really great scents and go for only $1/bar.

    • Hi Karen – I just looked on (I always check her site – she is very thorough!) and did not see Nature 2 Nature on the list. I couldn’t find out in a google search, either. Hmmm… if I find out, I will definitely let you know. For $1 a bar, I hope so!

  4. We don’t have Job Lot here in California. Just seeing the wall off Bob’s Redmill and coconut aisle is making me envios!

    • Hi Lillian,

      If you are ever on the East Coast, you’ll have to visit. It is definitely an amazing place! Every time I see the wall of Bob’s Red Mill, I feel like there is a halo of light around it – LOL <3

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