2018 Newborn Product Regrets

Newborn Product Regrets 2018

I hope no one takes this post in a negative light – this is not my intention at all! However, while navigating this motherhood thing, I have definitely been surprised by some of the products that I was so positive I would need and love ending up actually not being necessary for me and Willow at all. Of course, this is a super subjective list because everyone’s baby and situation is different! But hey, I am just being honest about what didn’t work for us. I wrote about our newborn essentials in the past, so here is the opposite end of the spectrum. Take this post with a grain of salt, of course.

In case you are on the fence about some products or wondering what you may get by without… this post is for you. I hope it is helpful. Again – these products were not terrible by any means – they just didn’t quite work out for us!

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links, which means that I’ll receive a commission if you purchase from this link. This will not change or increase the cost of your purchase. This extra income provides for my family and keeps The Friendly Fig running strong.

Changing pad liners. I grabbed some bamboo changing pad liners and honestly… we just don’t use them. After grabbing a wipeable changing pad, there was really no need for them. If I change her anywhere else, I usually just grab a towel or whatever extra swaddle I have lying around.

Pacifiers. I won’t say all pacifiers, but I bought way too many. There was really no need to buy multiple brands and types… she just used the same ones (she prefers Wubbanub).

Boppy. Thankfully, I was given a free boppy from a friend… so it isn’t a purchase regret. I was happy to try it out! It just didn’t work for us. I felt that there wasn’t a whole lot of room on it for her, and she always ended up sliding down in the dip between the pillow and my stomach. I actually did try the My Brestfriend pillow with a consultant and really liked that one. I would definitely choose that brand over the boppy. But honestly… we just used a regular ‘ol pillow or nothing most of the time, and that worked fine. Once she was 2 months, I just would throw her on the boob any which way, haha! You will find what is comfortable very quickly.

Velcro swaddles. She absolutely hated the velcro swaddles (the SwaddleMe brand). Thankfully, I only bought a couple of these secondhand for about $2 each, so it wasn’t a huge loss on my part.

For swaddling, we actually used these muslin blankets by Little Unicorn, and I loved them! She prefers her arms out, so I would just wrap her up from the waist down and she was happy and warm.

Diaper bag. When I say diaper bag, I mean an actual diaper bag that is marketed as such. I do have a “diaper bag,” but it is a really large bag with a diaper bag organizing insert instead. I just felt the diaper bag I had was way too large/bulky and just not me. I wanted to feel more “me!” I bought this bag and do not regret it whatsoever… I am obsessed with it. OBSESSED. It’s chic, light, and holds everything Willow and I need. here are a few more non-diaper bag options for those interested.

Summer Infant Baby Care Kit. This thing seemed like the whole package – from a nose aspirator to clippers and everything in between. Honestly. I haven’t used a thing from it. I got 4 nose aspirators from the hospital (and they actually WORK – the one in the kit was a joke). I had files and a set of these scissors for her nails. I bought her other pacifiers… To be honest, just buy the things you will use/need as you need them. Half of the kit is pretty much useless. I think I just use the comb/brush.

Mittens. Useless. They fall off. Clip nails and purchase the onesies that have the mitten cuffs intact. Trust me!

Burt’s Bees Burp Rags. I know this is very specific, but hey. I really didn’t like these? They are really small and do not absorb very well… plus, not cheap! Just do yourself a favor and buy the prefolds… they are inexpensive and super absorbent.

Nursing Cover. Honestly… the one I bought was not very breathable and it just made nursing harder and extra clumsy. I just use an Aden + Anais swaddle blanket to cover while nursing in public (I tie two ends together and drape over us).

Those are my thoughts – take them or leave them! I know it will be different for everyone, of course. Anyone agree or disagree with me?

Also, – side note: we’ll be visiting Florida for our first family vaca! My parents have a home down there, so we’ll be staying for 10 days. I’m so nervous for Willow’s first flight (I am already a nervous flyer), so please send us all the good vibes. But I know the hassle will be worth it… sun, fruit, farmer’s markets, baby in the pool… weeee!

I’ll probably pre-schedule a post for next week, but will be back in full swing on Feb 5th. Talk soon! xo bianca