10 Favorite Vegan-Friendly Sit Down Restaurants in Disney

10 Favorite Vegan-Friendly Sit Down Restaurants in Disney

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Just talking about my favorite place in the world – again. I was reflecting on all the incredible meals I’ve had in Disney. It really is the most magical and vegan-friendly place on earth… which is everything to me. You will never go hungry here! I’ve counted down my favorite quick service stops in the past, so it’s only right that I show the sit-down restaurants some love – and I mean A LOT of love. These places have my heart.

The number one thing to remember when you are dining in Disney – if you are making an online reservation, be sure to check off your allergies. This way, the chef will be prepared for your arrival. You can also email SpecialDiets@DisneyWorld.com or call (407) 939-3463 to make sure they are aware. I have done both in the past to be safe and have never had any issues when I arrived!

Anyways, onto my favorites:

#1: Tusker House (Animal Kingdom)

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Without a doubt, Tusker House is my favorite restaurant in all of Disney. It is a buffet of African fare, including items such as sweet plantains, fragrant rice and couscous, and fluffy naan. The chef came out to show me everything I could have – there were at LEAST 20 items for me to choose from. I was truly overwhelmed! I have been for both breakfast and dinner, and you absolutely cannot go wrong. I promise. Make a reservation for after you’ve rode Mt. Everest a zillion times.

#2: BOMA (Animal Kingdom Resort)

Much like Tusker House, BOMA is also a flavors of Africa buffet-style restaurant. The cool thing is, a lot of their options differed from Tusker House. The atmosphere and decor is gorgeous (definitely a fancier restaurant!) and the chef was very accommodating. Again, I was taken around to see what I could eat. Plenty of options!

#3: Trail’s End (Wilderness Lodge)

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I most likely would not think twice about Trail’s End if it weren’t for Chef TJ being there. He’s very much famous, and I’ve shared my vegan feast with him in the past. Six courses later, I basically had to be wheeled out of there. I could not possibly eat anything else. A quick tip – SAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT. Trust me, it is worth it. I mean:

#4: Via Napoli (EPCOT)

Eating Vegan in Disney World 2016

We’re a pizza loving duo, so Via Napoli is our spot. There’s plenty of veggie toppings to choose from – all you have to do is ask for no cheese. This doesn’t bother me at all, because I actually prefer my pizza without cheese (even before I was vegan!) As long as it is piled high with colorful veggies, I am gooooood.

#5: Be Our Guest (Magic Kingdom)

Eating Vegan in Disney World 2016

Aside from the breathtaking decor (it’s a dead replica of the ballroom from Beauty and the Beast), Be Our Guest has an awesome vegan option right on the menu – no need to explain your situation! It is a vegan ratatouille and it is phenomenal. We went here on our very last night to celebrate and “go big.” It’s worth it!

#6: San Angel Inn (EPCOT)

Eating Vegan in Disney World 2016

NOTE: these are from the quick service bar, but same chips and dip… sooo good!

Mexico is my favorite country to stop in around the world (it is only a hair above Morocco – such a hard choice!) The dinner menu is not the end all – simply ask for their vegetarian menu and you will receive. Most of the items can be made without cheese! Plus, vegan tortillas and guacamole make it all worth it. Plus – that view.

#7: Coral Reef (EPCOT)

Eating Vegan in Disney World 2016

Located right next door to the Nemo ride, Coral Reef is a beautiful “underwater” experience. They have an allergy menu, which featured the above dish. Crabless cakes ontop of couscous, with a veggie slaw and roasted potatoes. YUM!! I was in absolute heaven.

#8: Marrakesh Restaurant (EPCOT)

Oh, beautiful Morocco! How I love you so. Marrakesh Restaurant is super accommodating for vegans (though you wouldn’t even realize looking at the menu most likely). They served me a gigantic plate of sautéed veggies with couscous, and it was spiced beautifully (and a huge portion). I was very satisfied!

#9: Spice Road Table (EPCOT)

Eating Vegan in Disney World 2016

I’m not done with you, Morocco. This is an awesome place for mediterranean-inspired fare and a waterfront view from the gorgeous terrace. The ambiance alone is worth it! I got the vegetarian platter which comes with pita bread, hummus, olives, babaganoush, grape leaves, and hummus fries. I passed on the hummus fries because they contained egg. The grape leaves are bursting with flavor – perfect to dip into hummus. You will not be disappointed with this place! I am obsessed.

#10: Beaches and Cream (Beach Club Resort)

FullSizeRender (9)
What’s dinner without vegan dessert? We stayed at the Beach Club Resort (WEEEE!) so it was easy to go here basically every night. They have vegan ice cream sundae options galore – hot fudge, marshmallow sauce, bananas, strawberries… the works. If you are not staying at the resort, you can easily get there by taking the back gateway from Epcot. Yes, the marshmallow sauce is vegan. My favorite is vanilla tofutti with marshmallow and strawberry sauce. It’s to die for. Plus, it is setup like an oldie diner/ice cream parlor, and very adorable inside!

Runner up: Sci-Fi Drive In (Hollywood Studios)

Sci-Fi Drive In is a fun restaurant (especially for kiddos). You sit in a “car” while old school Disney shorts and movies play on the big screen. They offer a vegan burger, fries, and milkshake combo. Yes, MILKSHAKE. They offer tofutti – so be sure to ask! As if you didn’t already feel like a kid again in Disney – now you’ll really feel that way.

I just want to go back right nowwwww and eat at all these places. Ah! Now I have Disney fever.

I hope this inspires you to visit – or eases your worries if you are planning on visiting and were wondering about food options. I’ve nothing but amazing things to say about Disney, and have even wrote down my tips for eating around the world in EPCOT. Check it out, and use my 38 tips as a resource. If you’re going, I know you are going to have the BEST time!

Okay, so now I am off to sulk a bit because I am not there. Haha! Thanks for reading, as always. xx bianca


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