10 Vegan Stocking Stuffer Ideas

10 Vegan Stocking Stuffers

I love giving gifts. I know that everyone says that, but I reallyyyyyy really love it! I always tend to go overboard, because I can’t help myself. If I see something that someone will love, I have to grab it. Sometimes I will grab something months and months in advance and just hang onto it until a holiday or birthday.

I don’t have too many other vegans in my life (my mom!) but I think it’s fun to think about all the cool stocking stuffers that I’d appreciate as a vegan. A lot of people may not know where to begin when gift shopping for a vegan or vegetarian, so hey… here are some awesome ideas from on veg-head to another. Last minute shoppers, enjoy!

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Why I Don't Eat Eggs

Why I Don’t Eat Eggs

Eggs. This is a question I get a lot – and sometimes, a question I am not entirely sure of how to answer. I eat a plant-based diet (which is essentially a vegan diet with the exception of local honey) which excludes eggs. I used to eat eggs, but have grown to really be repulsed by them… which we’ll get into.

But sometimes people ask me if I would eat eggs if I had my own chickens. I mean… if there is no cruelty involved at all (which is my main concern), it should be fine, right? I think it’s a personal question and it will vary for different people. For me personally, I wouldn’t eat eggs even from my own hypothetical chickens. It’s not because of the cruelty at that point, but I am just kinda grossed out by the idea of eggs in general. Now that I have distanced myself from them for over two and a half years, I really have grown to wrinkle my nose at them. Joe will make eggs for breakfast, and just the smell is more potent than I remember – forget about the smell in the dishwasher! I have to soak his plates in the sink with soap and vinegar for hours before I even put into the dishwasher. He thinks I am crazy, but I can’t help it – I am just very sensitive to eggs and the smell of ‘em.

A lot of people wonder why eggs are cruel in the first place – and I don’t blame them. I never knew before I watched the documentaries and really educated myself on where eggs come from. So when someone asks me, “I get meat but why eggs?” I am not annoyed or put off – I really try to educate them on the real egg industry. I am not one of those people who will get crazy graphic or preachy, but I will just state my case. And I wanted to share my reasons on here.
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10 Favorite Vegan-Friendly Sit Down Restaurants in Disney

10 Favorite Vegan-Friendly Sit Down Restaurants in Disney

Hi friends :)

Just talking about my favorite place in the world – again. I was reflecting on all the incredible meals I’ve had in Disney. It really is the most magical and vegan-friendly place on earth… which is everything to me. You will never go hungry here! I’ve counted down my favorite quick service stops in the past, so it’s only right that I show the sit-down restaurants some love – and I mean A LOT of love. These places have my heart.

The number one thing to remember when you are dining in Disney – if you are making an online reservation, be sure to check off your allergies. This way, the chef will be prepared for your arrival. You can also email SpecialDiets@DisneyWorld.com or call (407) 939-3463 to make sure they are aware. I have done both in the past to be safe and have never had any issues when I arrived!
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Eating Vegan at Universal Orlando

Eating Vegan at Universal + The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Time to share my vegan experience at Universal Orlando Studios, Islands of Adventure, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I’ll be blunt and upfront about it – it’s not very vegan-friendly when you compare it to Disney. HOWEVER, it was certainly not impossible for me. I took a few photos of what I ate, and will recap some of the other items I didn’t snap but still enjoyed. Out of any place, Wizarding World was the easiest place to veganize (yay!) And the pumpkin juice was vegan, so all was well with me.
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Vegan Egg Replacers

Vegan 101: Egg Replacers

I still have people asking me on a regular basis about my vegan diet and how I keep up with it. I absolutely love it! I love answering these types of questions, and I think it’s worth writing about on here. One question I was asked recently was about egg replacers and how to substitute. It’s a great question, and I am glad to see that people are finally starting to break away from using eggs.

The treatment of hens in factory farming is just awful – it’s not just a farmer going into a coop and collecting eggs like we’ve all been led to believe. If you can distance yourself from eggs, good. I am always a bit torn when people ask if I would eat eggs from my own hens (if I ever had hens, that is). My honest answer is no, simply because eggs just gross me out in general now. They are smelly and funky… I am just not interested anymore. But if you absolutely cannot give up eggs and raise your own hens… I’m not opposed to that. As long as the animal is treated with care and allowed to just do its thing and be, then why not? To each their own, right?

So, back to replacements. There are really two ways you can break this down: replacing eggs in cooking and replacing eggs in baking. I’m going to share my personal preferences for each category, and hope that you learn something new or feel inspired by these egg substitutes.
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Eating Vegan in Disney World 2016

Eating Vegan in Disney World 2016

Hi friends!

As promised, I’m here with quite a round-up of all the vegan food I enjoyed in Disney. As always, it was 100% vegan-friendly and I never went hungry. Actually, I definitely ate way more than I should have… but hey, honeymoon!

As long as you let your server/cast member know that you have an allergy/are vegan, they are very accommodating. Almost every time I mentioned it, they would grab the chef to come speak with me about options and review any ingredients/dishes I had questions about. It is very refreshing to see so much care!
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Disney World Honeymoon

Disney Honeymoon Plans + Tips

HI! This post is probably going to be long and consist of tons of yelling and excessive [!!!] because it’s all about our dreamy honeymoon in DISNEY! Disney, yes. I think I’ve said it before on here… but yes we are going to Disney because we are literally 2 big kids. It doesn’t matter if we go every year… there is just no place we’d rather be or celebrate the start of our marriage than the most magical place on Earth. Rollercoasters, delicious vegan food, fireworks, shows, shopping, pool, ahhhh. It’s everything. We’re also doing Universal for 2 days, AKA THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER! Eeeeeee! I haven’t been to Universal in at least a decade, so you can imagine my excitement.

I thought it would be fun to share some of our plans (I am quite a planner – down to pool time) and some of what I’m packing. Just a little peak into my travel bag and life ;)

Warning: really long post ahead.
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Meal Prep Bulk Cooking Tips in My Plant-Based Kitchen

Sunday Bulk Cooking Tips in My Plant-Based Kitchen

Hiii guys :)

I’m really excited to be writing this post today, but it is a question that I get A LOT… like all the time. Bulk cooking and prep for the week. It’s one of my favorite routines (just ask Joe!) During the summer (especially the scorching summer we had earlier this year), I rarely cook. It’s all about salads and grilling. But now that the weather is cool, I get to start my Sunday prep routine back up – weeeee!

The thing about bulk cooking – it initially seems like a pain in the ass, right? Cooking everything at once and portioning things out and cutting things up, rah rah rah. Sure, it sounds daunting, but if you do it right… it can quickly become one of your favorite things, too. I promise. SO. I wanted to share my Sunday bulk cooking tips here, because I am asked all the time how I manage to do it… plus, I want to make it a little less daunting.
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10 Vegan-Friendly Quick Stop Restaurants Disney World

10 Favorite Vegan-Friendly Quick Stop Restaurants in Disney

Here I come with another vegan Disney post, because I am soooo excited to just GET THERE at the end of the month for our honeymoon!

Most of the time when we tell someone we are going to Disney for our honeymoon, we get the typical, “really, why?” I mean, sure… we go every year and I have been going for my whole life but honestly… I just can’t help myself. Disney World is my favorite place in the whole world. It’s pure magic. It takes me out of everyday life and plops me right into a dream. It’s a special place for both of us (and we have no shame in that!) Also… we are not those people who can just lay on a beach for a week. We need to be constantly moving, and we need rollercoasters. Basically, we are two large children who love nothing more than a Mickey pretzel, some fireworks, and a side of adrenaline. AND I WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY! This is why I am marrying Joe, after all. He gets me ;)

So when people say, “really why?” I mean… WHY NOT!! There’s so much to do, and there is a reason why it is the #1 honeymoon destination, yeah? YEAH. TAKE ME TO THE CASTLE, NOW.

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