What Makes You Feel Alive

Things That Make You Feel Alive

hi friends!

This is a post that I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. I really wanted to give it a lot of careful thought and pull together moments that resonate with me, but hopefully also with you. I may or may not have mentioned on here before that I suffer from bouts of anxiety. I have been working on overcoming it each day (and I hope to write a post about that soon, too) and have been making minor changes in my life to help manage it.

The root of my anxiety seems to stem from the stress of an 8-6 job. While I love it, there are definitely days where I come home and bring in all of my work stress. It’s been tough for me to detach from it. But it is too important for my mental health to figure out a way to leave it behind, and I do that by writing my thoughts down. This blog has definitely helped!

One of the things that I love to do is journal (big surprise, right?) Writing down the things that make me happy, or just my thoughts in general. When I disconnect myself from work and think about life outside of that, I realize that there is way more to life than making a living. I mean yes, you need to. I need to. But, at the end of the day… the quality of my life is what matters, and the small and grand moments that make me feel alive are the things I will carry with me all my life. Jobs will come and go, but how I spent my time on Earth and the memories I make are forever.

So now I am rambling again, but the point is, I think it is very important to slow down, take a deep breath, and remember the things that make you feel alive. Hold onto the moments that make you stop and think, “wow, life is everything.” Take more time to do the things that feed your soul.

These are some of the things that nourish mine, and I hope you can relate. At the end, please share your magic moments in the comments below. Let’s compile all the good things here, and read them back to ourselves when we need it most.

  1. Barefeet on freshly cut grass
  2. Pink and purple skies
  3. The ripest mango
  4. Cuddling with a purring cat
  5. Jumping off a dock and into a fresh lake
  6. Sandy feet
  7. Paint all over your hands
  8. Basking in a fresh, just-dried comforter
  9. The scent of lavender on your pillow
  10. Picking fresh lilacs from the backyard
  11. Spying a magnificent whale in the distance
  12. A field full of sunflowers
  13. Fresh iced coffee made to perfection
  14. Intricate henna tattoos
  15. Watermelon juice dripping down your arms
  16. The smell of fresh basil
  17. Laughing with a friend until you can’t breathe
  18. An orange sunset
  19. Blowing on a dandelion flower
  20. Bold color in the natural world
  21. Warm rain
  22. Picking the juiciest peach off the tree
  23. Driving with the windows down and music loud
  24. Lying on tapestry in the grass
  25. Stargazing
  26. Fairy lights adorning the ceiling
  27. A cup of green tea on a rainy day
  28. Fireworks overhead
  29. Morning sunlight peeking through the blinds
  30. Deep, thoughtful breaths
  31. Crafting a mandala
  32. Spinning in a flowy skirt
  33. Pointing to anywhere on a map
  34. Tossing confetti
  35. A sea of blankets and pillows in the bed of a pick-up truck at the drive-in
  36. A field of wildflowers
  37. Deep kisses laced with passion
  38. Taking in the wild air at the top of a mountain
  39. Listening to your echo at said mountain
  40. Minding the ebb and flow of the waves
  41. Meandering through a lush greenhouse
  42. The smell of salt water in your hair
  43. The soft glow of your himalayan salt lamp
  44. Creamy dreamy avocado
  45. Reading a poem that resonates with your soul
  46. Drinking straight from a coconut
  47. The adrenaline rush at the peak of a rollercoaster
  48. Sparklers on a warm summer night
  49. The warmth of a bon fire
  50. Live music at a festival
  51. Sinking into a leaf pile
  52. Swinging life away on a tire
  53. Cutting a watermelon in half and eating it straight with a spoon
  54. Gazing up at a full moon, your everlasting friend of the night
  55. A warm bath with a hint of rose
  56. Tangled up in bed with your love
  57. Fresh vegetables at a farmer’s market
  58. Breathing in crisp fall air
  59. Perfect foam topping your latte
  60. Finding the right words to say
  61. Seeking wonder in unexpected places
  62. Gazing up at a great pine tree
  63. Fireflies in the distance
  64. Rubbing rosemary between your fingers
  65. Getting lost in a new world by reading words on a page
  66. The gentle scent of river water
  67. Growing your own food from seeds
  68. Picking local strawberries off the vine
  69. Barefeet pressed against cool rocks in a stream
  70. Lying on the grass and gazing up at the moving clouds
  71. A new haircut and fresh face
  72. Wandering a quaint town at dusk
  73. The first waft when peeling an orange
  74. Admiring a bold butterfly
  75. Getting your hands dirty in the soil
  76. Meditating in the warmth of the sun
  77. Letting the sun dry your salt water-hair
  78. Listening to a loved one strum the guitar
  79. Sipping fresh juice
  80. Exploring a space that you’ve never been
  81. Lazy floating on a lake
  82. A fresh apple pie in the oven
  83. Live music as the sun sets behind the stage
  84. Sunday morning strolls, hand-in-hand, with iced coffee
  85. Carefree conversation
  86. Wandering through the rows of a vineyard
  87. Sipping iced tea and lemonade on a scorching hot day
  88. Dancing in a crowd while balloons and confetti rain down
  89. Eating a warm, homemade apple cider donut
  90. Putting on a new pair of fuzzy socks
  91. Standing tall among bamboo shoots
  92. Listening to the rain tap against the window pane
  93. Catching a rainbow flare in your palm
  94. The endless midnight blue sky at night (in Florence + The Machine’s words: how big, blue blue, how beautiful)
  95. The unconditional love of a dog
  96. Hula hooping with barefeet on the grass
  97. Sand in your sheets after a sun-kissed beach day
  98. The crackling of a bon fire, and getting lost in its flame
  99. The first sip of coffee in the morning
  100. Laughs that make your stomach hurt in the best way possible

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  1. Love this list! Plus… The smell of freshly baked cookies, a mouth full of chocolate, beach walks, swimming in a clear blue lake, climbing an old oak tree, finding cool rocks/ crystals, eating nice cream, and jamming out to dance music!

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