50 Reasons to Love October + activities

50 Reasons to Love October (+Activity Ideas)

Happy October, friends!

This is my absolute favorite month. FAVORITE!! It’s everything. The weather, the styles, the hot beverages, the scarves, boots, apples, pumpkins, crisp air… the list is never-ending. So of course, I felt the need to compile all of my favorite parts of October into a list. This is the type of list that I myself will re-read over and over again when I need a boost in happiness. Just writing it will be therapeutic for me.

And yes, truth be told. We are getting married by the end of the week (!!!!) and I clearly did everything in my power to make sure it was an October wedding. Now I really love this month.

So, if you are dreaming of fall imagery and want some activity ideas for this time of year, I hope that the below is inspiring. And at the end, please share some of your favorite parts of the most glorious time of year. If you are in New England, like me, you know that there is never a shortage of places to visit for a dreamy fall day.

  1. Taking in the endless color that fall foliage boasts.
  2. Closing your eyes and feeling the crisp air against your rosy cheeks.
  3. Devouring fresh, hot apple cider donuts.
  4. Slowly sipping a piping hot pumpkin latte (with plant-based milk and extra foam!)
  5. Lying in a mound of fallen leaves and watching the sky move.
  6. The scent of cinnamon + nutmeg weaving together.
  7. Rich, jewel-tone everything.
  8. Painting pumpkins and gourds.
  9. Baking a sweet, crisp apple pie.
  10. Visiting Salem, Massachusetts for its witchy history.
  11. The feeling of freshly-knit mittens for the start of the season.
  12. Wearing knitted caps and beanies as your go-to accessory.
  13. Building a unique scarecrow with the help of some old clothes, fallen leaves, and rubberbands.
  14. Finding the perfect scarf for breezy days.
  15. Savoring every last drop of maple candy.
  16. Wrapping your fingerless mitten-covered hands around a hot mug of sweet and spicy mulled apple cider.
  17. Visiting a local pumpkin patch for hayrides and picking.
  18. Putting fall boots on for the first time this season.
  19. Swirling apples in candy or caramel for a sweet treat.
  20. Telling spooky stories around the warm glow of a fireplace or firepit.
  21. Stamping your favorite fallen leaves into a journal.
  22. Listening to the gentle sway of the trees on a windy day.
  23. Curling up on the couch every Sunday night for the new Walking Dead season.
  24. Hot and crisp pumpkin seeds fresh out of the oven.
  25. Visit B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill in Connecticut for fresh cider donuts, apple cider + more.
  26. Watching Halloween favorites during movie night.
  27. Dark nails! My favorite.
  28. Making your way through a winding corn maze.
  29. Slipping on your fuzzy socks for the first time this season.
  30. Visiting your local flower shop or botanical garden to admire the mums.
  31. A warm slice of chocolate chip pumpkin loaf alongside your coffee.
  32. The first slice of pumpkin pie.
  33. Leggings all the time.
  34. Cozying up on the back porch to stare at the foliage in your own backyard.
  35. Standing in the middle of an apple field, wafting the sweet and subtle smell, and eating right from the tree.
  36. Carving jack-o-lanterns for your front porch.
  37. Putting fresh, fuzzy flannel sheets on your bed.
  38. Curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and good book.
  39. Driving through New England with the windows down just to take in the incredible, bold foliage.
  40. Pumpkin pancakes on the porch during a cool morning.
  41. A cozy autumn playlist.
  42. The scent of piping hot apple crisp fresh out of the oven.
  43. Savoring the sweetness of a local honey stick while browsing the farmstand.
  44. The way your favorite bean chili warms up your insides.
  45. The sweet and spicy smell of fresh ginger when baking.
  46. Vegan (or not) Halloween candy.
  47. Collecting pinecones to cover with peanut butter and birdseed for your friends in the sky.
  48. Knitting your own scarf while sipping tea from bed.
  49. Listening to your favorite Halloween music (Nightmare Before Christmas, anyone?)
  50. Strolling a local fall festival and taking in the air, sights, and smells. <3

Yep, this list just made me want to sink into a pile of leaves forever. With apple pie.

Where are all the fall lovers? Tell me your favorite part of fall. xx bianca


One thought on “50 Reasons to Love October (+Activity Ideas)

  1. Hi Bianca,

    Wish you happy October too. Hey you’re wonderful collective person, I have seen yet. Really, I got amazed to see these 50 reason to love October. Feeling proud to meet such great person who have beautifully taught me the reason to love the October month, and now I surrender myself to you. You are really great for me and always be.

    How imagine post! Reading this, I can say that the you’re the real person who really love so much and have a wonderful plan to celebrate this month. If you ask me that what is your favorite month? They I’ll reply the one month but can’t explain these 50 things for my favorite month.

    Thanks for sharing such interesting post.
    Keep sharing.
    – Ravi.

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