Inside My Diaper Bag (Pre-Baby)

A Look Inside My Diaper Bag (Pre-Baby)

Hi friends! I’ve been going crazy these last few weeks to make sure everything is in order before baby girl arrives. This included me packing up my diaper bag. I know she isn’t here yet, and this is more than likely going to change A TON as I get to know her and our new situation, but this is just a start.

I’m a huge fan of watching mommy vloggers on YouTube and reading blog posts, of course. I pulled a lot of inspiration and ideas from such sources… so I hope I am not too off base here. I labeled this post “pre-baby” because I definitely plan on following up after she arrives and once we find our new groove. I’m sure it will vary, and I am actually excited to see the differences. So anyways, I hope you at least find this helpful or interesting!

First, if any of you are wondering… I have the Hip Cub diaper bag, which I was gifted at my shower. I have no complaints! It’s sturdy, roomy, and pretty cute for a diaper bag. It fits everything with ease and isn’t too heavy on the shoulders. It also came with a changing pad insert and straps that can attach to my stroller.

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Inside My Diaper Bag (Pre-Baby)

So without further adieu, Here’s what’s inside my diaper bag:

Swaddle blanket: the blueberry print in particular is from Little Unicorn. I figure this is good for anything – tummy time, cool weather, clean-up, etc.

Burp cloths/wash cloths: I have a burp cloth from Burt’s Bees as well as a cloth diaper insert (which I hear are the best). I also tossed in a few baby washcloths for good measure. They are small enough and take up minimal space.

Diapers: size NB and 1 in a cute pouch I scored for free in my Amazon baby registry gift box.

Wipes: I got a free small package from Target (Up&Up brand) so that was cool. I’ll probably end up trying a couple different brands to see what I like best.

Diaper trash bags: the Munchkin Arm and Hammer bags are perfect for soiled diapers.

Extra baby outfits (2): to beat those unexpected blowouts – a short sleeve and long-sleeve onesie. I have a feeling that a change of clothes will always be necessary (for both of us).

Hat: in case it gets cool.

Socks: again, just in case.

Bibs (2): just two cloth bibs to start, but may end up adding in one of the wipeable Bumkins bibs when things start to really get messy.

Carseat canopy/nursing cover: perfect for on the go nursing, or to cover the carseat when I don’t want people touching my baby (LOL).

Bottle: I’ll be breastfeeding, but I don’t think it’ll hurt to carry a bottle in case.

WubbaNub pacifier: this thing is the cutest ever, and I really hope she takes to it.

Teether: fruit teether for fussy days.

Rattle/toys: I’m sure I’ll need a source of entertainment, even for a newborn. This lion rattle is the cutest.

Tissues: mostly for me, I’m sure.

Hand and face wipes: I purchased these wipes from Seventh Generation. Sticky hands and faces will be a thing, right?

Baby toiletries: this includes diaper rash cream, nasal aspirator, pacifier and clip, hand sanitizer, ointment.

Travel white noise machine: a gift from my shower, I hope this noise machine comes in handy for some solid naps while we’re out and about.

Book: I don’t know… do I need it? Thoughts? I had an extra, so I just tossed it in.

NOT PICTURED: My own stuff! I will always have my wallet, keys, protein bar, and a pouch with make-up, chapstick, hair ties, nursing pads, pen, Advil, etc. I’ll also carry an extra shirt for myself (never know when you’ll be covered in God know’s what). I honestly plan on treating this like my own purse when I am out, so I have to have my necessities. Can’t forget about myself!

How’d I do for not having a baby yet? Am I missing anything? Is anything pointless? I need all the help and opinions I can get, so please share your experiences in the comments below. I know I’ll figure this thing out soon enough, but for now… preparing as best as I can for what’s to come. I hope this is a good start!

Thanks for following along and for any advice. xx bianca


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    • Hi Emily – thanks so much for following along, I’m so glad that you’ve been inspired :) And great choice on the bag!! I really love it and was even more impressed when I got it in person :-D xx

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