5 Stylish Non-Diaper Bags

5 Stylish Non-Diaper Bags

I’ve mentioned it on here more than once, but I am obsessed with my non-diaper bag. To be honest, I did choose a diaper bag out and was gifted it at my shower. It was so much bulkier than the photos and it was simply… not me. When you become a mom, you do lose some pieces of your previous self (it’s not a bad thing, but it was a little sad for me at first). Life is so much more beautiful with your baby, but why sacrifice your personal sense of style? If there was one thing I wanted to savor, it was my style choices. I just could not see myself carrying around that lug of a diaper bag. Of course, a lot of women love their diaper bags! Which is awesome, because whatever works best for you, that is what you should always do. But the ones marketed as diaper bags were just not for me.

I quickly exchanged the bag in for something that was actually cheaper, chicer, and vegan-friendly. I can’t even tell you how much I love it. It goes well with everything, isn’t too big, and easily holds all of my own things, as well as Willow’s.

Just to give you an idea – I am pretty minimal when it comes to what I carry in my diaper bag. You can see exactly what is in my diaper bag, here. If you have more than one kid or carry more than me, you may need to find something roomier and more specific to your needs. But if you are a bit more on the minimal side, I think the below bags would be a perfect fit.

Some people think that it will be tough to use a non-diaper bag because it doesn’t have a specific place for a bottle. I actually use a gallon ziplock bag usually, and it works fine for me. But if you want something more, you could always use a bottle bag.

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1. CLASSIC BLACK HAND/SHOULDER BAG (this is the one I have!)

I am obsessed with it. It has a middle zippered pocket that acts as a barrier. I use one side for my things, the middle zippered area for anything cloth (extra clothes, burp rags, hat, socks, etc.), and the other side for Willow’s diapering needs. There’s plenty of pocket space available, too. I can’t say enough about this bag.

I bought it in black to hide any dirty stains (and I love black) but am going to also purchase it in brown or light coffee. I can’t decide which yet. They have 6 different color options, so you take your pick!


This is made by the same company of the above bag and I have it saved on my own Wishlist. It is a little smaller than the above, but if you are a minimalist when it comes to packing your diaper bag like me, you could probably make it work. This bag also has a center pocket, which is one of the things I love about my bag.


This bag is just gorgeous. If you love bright and lavish colors with a bohemian flare, this bag looks to be a great size to fit it all. The only downside with this bag is that there are not many compartments, but you could buy an organizer. I have this one actually, and it is pretty good. If you are okay with spending a bit more, I hear amazing things about ToteSavvy.


Gorgeous colors and patterns. Like the above, you may need an organizer for this, or you could use small pouches to organize smaller items. Either way, it will definitely fit a bunch!


This bag has only one large compartment with some side pockets, so you may need an organizer for inside, but other than that, it looks very spacious and can be worn on shoulder or cross-body.

There are so many large tote bags out there – you just have to look and figure out what size will work best for you. If you are more of a “I just want a regular diaper bag” person then that it fine, too! But if you are like me and want something that is a bit more practical for use at any time (with or without baby), then I hope you are inspired by one of the above.

Anyone else a fan of non-diaper bags? I’d love to see what you are carrying. xx bianca