Inside My Minimalist Hospital Bag

Inside My Minimalist Hospital Bag

Just another month to go over here! But, I slowly began tossing items into my hospital bag a month or so ago. After watching countless hospital bag videos on YouTube and scouring all Mommy blogs, I finally think I have everything that I feel necessary for me. I tried to pack as light as possible (forgoing items that the hospital will provide) but I’ll have to do a recap once I actually see what I used and what I didn’t. Should be interesting!

Whether you are also an expecting mama, planning on having kids, or just interested or nosey, this post is for you. Just a quick peek into what I’ve been focusing on! This bag is only for mama and baby (dad’s will be his own situation).

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Inside My Minimalist Hospital Bag

Here’s what you’ll find inside my hospital bag:

Non-slip fuzzy socks + slippers: grabbed cheap slippers from TJ Maxx because hospital floors can be grimey. I’m also packing some grip-socks. Fuzzy for comfort.

Button-down front gown: grabbed a pretty pink one for cheap at Wal-Mart with buttons down the front. I figure that will be easy access for breastfeeding and also for the nurses who may need to check on my lady bits (it’s about to get real invasive).

Robe: just a touch of modesty and silky comfort for when she’s arrived and we start having guests pile in. Plus, I really just love being cozy.

Nursing tank tops (2): packing one large and one x-large size (because I have no idea what my boobs are going to look or feel like – tmi, it’s fine). I love the ones by Jessica Simpson. Truth be told, I thought “hey, she has a big bust too… she must take this into consideration when she designs). Definitely a good choice, because these offer great support even without a bra and are super comfy and cute.

Nursing bra: just bringing one cloth one without any wires, bells, or whistles.

Cotton underwear (2): in a larger size than what I usually am to accommodate those big ass pads I’ll be rocking. I know they give you mesh panties, which I will embrace, but wanted these as an alternative (in case I am uncomfortable).

Chapstick: I’ve heard it is a must-have, as your lips get very dry. Burt’s Bees for me.

Minimal make-up: I don’t wear too much to begin with, but wanted to pack just a few things for when we have guests. It may help me to feel myself, too. Just some cover-up, mascara, and lip color.

Toiletries: carrying some of the essentials, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotion, hair brush, and cleansing wipes. I loved the idea of these cleansing/make-up wipes from Pacifica to freshen up in case I don’t make it to the shower or need a quick pat down before visitors.

Hair elastics + headband: because you can never have too many hair elastics. Headband to keep my long bangs out of my face if necessary.

Nursing pads: the hospital probably provides these, right? Bringing two sample packs I received for the hell of it. Lansinoh brand.

Nipple cream: I hear nursing is a bitch and this stuff will be your best friend. Lots of great reviews on the Motherlove nipple cream – certified organic and cruelty-free.

Prenatal vitamins: still gotta take ’em cause I’m planning on breastfeeding. I take these vegan prenatals by DEVA and have had no issues with them.

Flip-flops: for the shower.

Going home outfit (for me): just a comfy pair of loose black pants and my softest deep v-neck. Comfort is key, baby.

Going home outfit (for baby girl): September weather is either really warm or pretty cool, so I am packing one long-sleeve onesie and one elephant print sleeper (both in NB size). I may actually pack the same situation in 0-3 month sizes, in case she is bigger than we’re expecting!

Swaddle blanket: Just one, because I know that the hospital provides blankets. It’ll either be the strawberry print pictured above or this pretty purple one by Carters. I haven’t decided which I’d like in her newborn photo!

Snacks, gum, mints: I heard you cannot eat after the epidural, so I figure the gum and mints will be good to have on hand. I may even grab a bag of lollipops. LUNA protein bars (chocolate peanut butter) to keep my energy alive and well after she’s arrived.

(NOTE: Replaced the LUNA bars with Clif bars because I realized the protein bars are actually NOT vegan. Thank God I decided to double check!)

Cellphone + charger: lifeline and camera.

Birth plan: it’s just a sheet of paper that my hospital had me fill out. Nothing crazy.

Wallet: need that license and insurance card.

Boppy: I am keeping this nursing pillow in the car until needed, basically. I figure it may help to have it on hand when the lactation consultant comes by. Maybe it will help me be more comfortable using it if he/she can show me positions. We’ll see! I debated this one, so I’m all ears to your experience, fellow moms!

My own pillow: When we toured the hospital, the guide actually recommended this. So hey, why not. I also have a bright pillow case for it so no one gets confused as to which is mine!

I’m not bringing my own pads, dermoplast, ice packs, water, etc. I just feel like these are necessities that my hospital will be providing. Why waste space and pack things I will only have to unpack when I get home? On the baby front, I am really packing minimal (basically just the going home outfit and swaddle blanket!) because I know that everything she needs will be provided to me. Diapers, wipes, hat, onesies, socks, clippers, nasal aspirator, etc. I was even hesitant about the swaddle blanket, but I bought so many cute prints that I just said oh what the heck, and threw it in. I think we should be all covered! My husband of course has his own bag ready to roll, too.

So what do you guys think – am I missing anything really huge or is this enough to get me by? I have a good feeling it is just enough (possibly even more than I need). Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences below. Is it time to go yet? We’re ready when you are, baby girl. Letting the waiting game commence! xx bianca


8 thoughts on “Inside My Minimalist Hospital Bag

  1. I’ll be interested to hear how accommodating the hospital is as far as providing you with vegan meals while you’re a patient. My youngest is now nine, so it’s been a while, and I’m guessing (hoping!) things have improved, but back then my meal options were really lacking. Like a lettuce and tomato side salad, plain baked potato, and fruit were my only options for meals for my three-day inpatient stay. I don’t necessarily live in a vegan-friendly region, so I’m sure that played a factor, too. Hoping you have some decent options! :)

    • Hi Molly! I know, I was wondering the same at first until we toured. They actually have a couple different cafe-type restaurants in the hospital that are very accommodating for vegans! I was so happy to hear it. They also have menus from local restaurants in the area and we can order takeout. My favorite vegan pizza place happens to be one of them… I already told my husband to be ready with the vegan pizza + seitan wings for when baby girl is out. LOL! xx

    • Good to know, Heidi!! Joe is packing the ipad so we can watch The Office and I have my music on my cell. Good call on earbuds :) xx

  2. Our hospital didn’t provide a take home baby blanket or dermoplast….
    It generally takes between 2-4 days for your milk to come in so you may not need the nursing pads but they are so small and take up no space it’s better to have them and not need them to need them and not have them.
    I took my own pillow this time and I was sooo glad I did!!!
    Chapstick and snacks are a must!!!
    Our Hospital menus was not very accommodating…. so your hubby may need to bring you food.
    Good luck!!! You’re so close!!!

  3. From experience, I recommend yoga pants or leggings to pair with the nursing tops. Super comfy, and I felt better getting “dressed” instead of staying in pjs.

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