Vegan Cream of Mushroom Pasta

Vegan Cream of Mushroom Pasta

Hi friends – I’ve been very much into pasta (specifically pasta with cashew cream sauce) lately. Maybe because it is fast and easy? Whatever the case, it is definitely vegan comfort food at its finest.

When I was younger, I loved cream of mushroom soup (you know the Campbell’s brand?) I thought this would be a cool away to bring on the nostalgia in a whole new way. Plus it takes under 30 minutes to prepare. Perfect for the whole family.


You will need:

  • Pasta of your choice (I like spaghetti)
  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • 1/2 vidalia onion, sliced thin
  • 4-5 mushrooms, sliced thin
  • 1/2 cup cashews, soaked for a couple hours (or even just 20 min if you are strapped for time)
  • 1/2 cup white beans
  • 1 clove garlic
  • About 1/2 cup soy milk (or any unsweetened plant-based milk will do) – add more if you like a thinner consistency
  • 1/2 tsp nutritional yeast
  • Dash of: paprika, salt, pepper

To make:

  • Cook pasta according to package.
  • In a pan over medium heat, add olive oil, onion, and mushrooms. Sauté until tender and cooked – I had to add a little water here and there to avoid any sticking.
  • While pasta and veggies are cooking, make cashew alfredo sauce: add cashews, white beans, garlic, soy milk, nutritional yeast, paprika, salt, and pepper to a blender. Run until smooth. It should not be gritty, so allow to run as long as necessary!
  • Add your alfredo sauce to pan with mushrooms and onions.
  • Add cooked pasta and toss until everything is coated over low heat.
  • Serve!

Enjoy! xx bianca