Easy Apple Pie Recipe [Vegan + Gluten Free]

Good morning, friends!

With our autumn baby around the corner, I wanted to get in some fall things before we’re too tied up and tired to do much of anything (except soak up her presence!!) The weather has cooled down and the air has that smell and perfect crisp to it. I’ve been loooving it so much. First activity on the list: apple picking. I always joke that I must have been a gatherer or forager in my past life because I love it so much. Berries, peaches, apples… doesn’t matter. Give me a basket and a field of fruit and I’m content.

We visited Narrow Lane Orchard – if you are local, this is a must for yourself or family. They also have peach/nectarine picking in the summer and even blackberry picking. When we went, I was really excited to see that they had a few blackberry bushes around that weren’t picked over. Literal heaven on earth – they were so sweet and juicy. Nature’s gems.

But back to the apples – I grabbed quite a variety, including Honeycrisp, Macoun, Liberty, McIntosh, Courtland, and Gala. For 1/2 peck bag, it cost only $10.

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Healthy Vegan Fudge Balls

Healthy Fudge Balls [Vegan]

Good morning, friends!

A really quick and easy recipe today as I start to wind down before taking time to myself before and after baby. More on that later when I have a bit more energy to write. I’ve been so drained lately (rightfully so) with a mix of anxiousness before our little one’s birthday.

To try and keep my energy up, I made a batch of these healthy fudge bites/balls whatever you want to call them. Dates for the energy, of course. Also dates in general because I heard it eases labor… so along with my caramel date smoothie, these guys have been my go-to.

Cashews for protein. Dates for energy (and ahem, labor). Cocoa powder for my sweet tooth. ;)
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Chocolate + PB Banana Bites Vegan

Chocolate + PB Banana Bites

Hi friends :)

Simple recipes lately – it’s all I can really handle at the moment. These are not original or unique or anything. I mean, it’s a pretty straight-forward snack recipe but I wanted to share for inspiration. I’ve had a sweet tooth like crazy this pregnancy, and I have been trying to satisfy it in healthy ways. These definitely hit the spot, because who doesn’t love chocolate and peanut butter? It’s the ultimate comfort dessert. Plus… so easy and quick to make!! They last long in the freezer too (if you don’t eat them all in one sitting).

I hope you like!
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Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Perfect [Vegan] Chocolate Chip Cookie

It’s the perfect time of year to make a huge batch of vegan chocolate chip cookies – you know, for Santa… or yourself. I’ve said it before on here – I rarely make cookies because I am afraid of eating them all immediately. It happens, whatever. But sometimes you just can’t kick the craving… and that is what happened with these babies. On a dreary winter day… you just need to be in pajamas and eating cookies sometimes. Life is a balancing act, and that is also my motto when it comes to eating. I eat great 75% off the month, and stick my little cheats in here and there.

Cookies are always worth cheating for.

Funny thing – I was never a cookie person growing up. I mean, YES I LOVED COOKIES, but I was always a cake girl (and still love cake). When I adopted a vegan diet, I don’t know what happened but I love cookies waaaay more. Vegan cookie batter is just better, I guess! Don’t get me wrong – CAKE FOREVER – but… vegan cookies. And get ready to stick your face right in the batter, because there are NO EGGS HERE!
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Vegan Pumpkin Pie Pudding

Vegan Pumpkin Pie Pudding

I am so loving this recipe right now. I have been making it for a few weeks now and figured it is the perfect time to share with Thanksgiving around the corner! Any other pumpkin pie fans? I’ve always loved mine with some Cool Whip on top. But looking back now, oof. Cool Whip is disgustingly terrible for your insides. Plus, pumpkin pie is definitely a treat with all that really goes into the standard recipe – so much sugar!! But since it is the season and I’ve been craving it like crazy, my goal was to make a sugar-free, healthier alternative. I say sugar-free because this version is made with dates as opposed to processed sugars. Aaaaand it is the perfect substitute for me. I fix my craving without feeling like crap afterwards!

Plus… the filling is always the best part, right? Screw the crust – vegan pumpkin pie pudding.
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Vegan Gingersnap Cookies Soft Chewy

Soft + Chewy Vegan Gingersnap Cookies

Cookie recipe day – weeeee! I don’t make cookies all that often at home… for the obvious reason that I will eat them all in a sitting and while that is the best time ever in the moment, it is never fun the next day. So, I make them pretty sparingly or for special occasions. These weren’t for a special occasion – I just really wanted ginger cookies. Chocolate chip will always be my favorite, but ginger is a very close second. SO CLOSE. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any fresh ginger the moment I wanted these, but ginger spice worked beautifully.

I even shared some of these with my Nana and she text me about them like crazy – LOL. She loved them… and that is coming from a woman who can be thrown off by the word “vegan.” Needless to say, I was pretty proud of myself!
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Vegan Date Peanut Butter Candy

Date + Peanut Butter Candy

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

When I started eating vegan, no word of a lie, one of the first things I was sad to let go was Halloween candy. Hear me out – like… I know that if I had M&Ms and Twix now, I would be like… uhhh this is so fake! Nasty – too sugary. Bleh. BUT… if I am being 100% honest, I do miss the pigging out on Halloween candy all week long. It’s not even the actual candy really… it’s just, the art of living off of candy for a week. Does that make sense? Probably not at all, but it’s fine. It’s how I feel!

So one of the first things I wanted to do was figure out some vegan recipes for all my favorite Halloween treats. Sara actually shared homemade vegan peanut butter cups on here to replace Reeses (the only one that really matters, right?) and this recipe is a go-to for me. I can’t even tell you how often I’ve made these since she posted the recipe. I’m also a huge caramel fan, so that is where these bad boys come into play. Dates are literally caramel – bonus that they are a natural sugar option!
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Local Strawberry Pie

good morning from my deck on a quiet and warm sunday morning :)

We have one of the best farm stands around – Schartner Farms. If you’re local and haven’t been here (I doubt it though!) then you’ll definitely love it. Aside from being a produce and fruit stand, they also have an amazing green house, offer strawberry and blueberry picking, and of course… an amazing pumpkin patch come fall. June is my favorite time for Schartner Farms, though. Because STRAWBERRY PICKING SEASON!

This was actually my first ever job as a teen. I worked at both the strawberry and blueberry picking stands. Talk about a dream job… I wish I could have appreciated it more back then. Hanging out in a strawberry patch? Yes please.
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Vegan Pistachio Chocolate Bark

Pistachio Bark + Raw Sugar, Himalayan Salt, Cacao Nibs

hi friends :) another early morning – the sunlight is coming in the living room so beautifully, and I’m listening to the birds do their thing. I live for the mornings before work and chaos… it’s my time.

Life has been good lately. We’re in the middle of finishing our basement (woo!) and slowly but surely, it’s getting there. I’ve been all over Pinterest for inspiration and decorating ideas. I want it to be bright and airy, but with pops of color. It wouldn’t be my space if it wasn’t bold and colorful ;) I’m also hoping to find some great houseplants. I just worry because Minnie is all about eating them, and I’m not sure how to get her to stop. So, if anyone has tips for this… I am all ears.

Okay – this bark. I always like to keep homemade dark chocolate bark in my freezer because it is definitely a healthier option to any other baked sweets or packaged snacks. This is my new favorite – sweet and salty… with a little superfood boost from the cacao nibs.

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Sprinkle Sugar Cookies Vegan Recipe

Sprinkly Sugar Cookies

I almost wanted to call these the #NailedIt Cookies, because that is what they remind me of. So… I need a little practice! I was inspired by this recipe from Salt Tree, but mine are not quite as majestic. Anyways, I still wanted to share this recipe because it was still fun and they came out really tasty!

Also, who doesn’t love a sprinkled cookie? Please.
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