Inside Our Minimalist Diaper Bag (0-6 Months)

Inside Our Minimalist Diaper Bag (0-6 Months)

Before Willow arrived, I shared a post on what’s in our diaper bag. And I’ll be honest – A LOT has changed since then. I was carrying way too much. I also realized that the diaper bag I originally purchased was just no the one for me. It was a little too bulky. It also didn’t feel like “me” and I really didn’t want to lose that. If I am going to be carrying around this bag 24/7, I want it to be something I’m excited to carry!

Because honestly – bags that are marketed as diaper bags are nice, but not necessary. A big bag is all you need! Does it have pockets and compartments? Yes? It’ll probably work just fine! They also make awesome organizers for these things now, which can turn any bag into a diaper bag. I actually did buy this one, but ended up not even using it. It added more weight than anything else. The bag I ended up buying is not only my style and chic, it is light-weight, durable, and has awesome compartments! You can find the bag I use here and take a look. It has an outside pocket, pockets inside, and a zipper space in between both sides of the purse – I use one side for my items, the middle zippered compartment for clothes/cloths, and the other side for diapering needs. It both short and long shoulder-strap options (though I prefer the short shoulder one).

Everyone is different, but this is the bag that works for us. If you like actual diaper bags, that works, too. They just didn’t work for me! But anyways, onto what is inside the bag. It’s a bit minimal, but that is how I like it. I never need more than this.

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Blanket: whether it is cold or used to clean up a mess, it is necessary and cozy.

Burp cloths/wash cloths: I have a burp cloth from Burt’s Bees as well as a cloth diaper insert. Two seems to work.

Diapers: I carry about 3-5 extra diapers in a cute pouch I scored for free in my Amazon baby registry gift box.

Wipes: These are necessary always – for bum, hands, and face.

Diaper rash cream: You never know when you’ll need it, so I keep a small one. I love this brand.

Diaper trash bags: the Munchkin Arm and Hammer bags are perfect for soiled diapers and super convenient.

Wet bag: for soiled clothes or anything else that is wet/dirty.

Extra baby outfits (2): I toss in whatever works for the season, just in case.

Hat: in case it gets cool.

Socks: again, just in case.

Bib: just one clean bib.

WubbaNub pacifier + clip: She really loves this Wubbanub pacifier. It’s a must-have for us, especially on the go.

Teether: for fussy days.

Tissues: mostly for me.

Nasal aspirator: just in case.

My things: wallet, keys, sunnies, protein bar, tissues, and a pouch with make-up, chapstick, hair ties, nursing pads, pen, Advil, etc.

So that’s that! Sometimes I’ll take along the travel white nose machine on the car seat carrier or my cloth wrap, depending on where we are headed. But overall, I love having a diaper bag that is chic and lightweight. I’m honestly obsessed with this bag and highly recommend. I may have to grab it in another color, too. I love the brown!

I hope this was interesting and/or helpful if you are compiling items for your own bag. I know this is unique to our situation, but if it helps, I am glad. xx bianca