The Friendly Fig Playlist

Current Digs [playlist]

Happy Thursday!

It’s been a while since I’ve created a playlist for you loves. The last one was in May – A Playlist for a Wildflower. I really loved that one, and still play it on shuffle every once in a while… especially while I am cooking. It’s super relaxing! Since then, I’ve been listening to a ton of other things. Not gonna lie -it’s pretty random. There is no theme, rhyme, or reason. Some new, some old… some guilty pleasures. But hey, that’s me!

If you are as into music and playlists as me, I hope you’ll enjoy some of what I currently dig. Save it on Spotify, enjoy some new tunes, and hopefully fall in love with new artists. Perfect.

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Vegan Summer Bag Emperia

Vegan Style: Summer Bag

hi guys!

I am super excited to write this post, because you can imagine how excited I was to spot a clearly-marked vegan handbag at Marshalls. I actually could not believe it. A discount store such as Marshalls carrying a vegan handbag is a huge feat, in my opinion. It just goes to show that the market demands more options, and the more people demand, the more people will become aware. It’s a beautiful thing (much like this bag).
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Easy Trail Mix

Easy Trail Mix

Good morning, friends!

I’m up early and listening to this video of light rain. It’s sunny here (which is good!) but sometimes you just want to listen to the light tapping of rain. That’s me today ;)

My friends over at asked me to put together my favorite Trail Mix recipe. I’ve shared one of my favorite in the past, but there are endless ways to make the perfect blend of salty and sweet. Challenge accepted, because… honestly, I like having trail mix in the house anyways!
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Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 6.50.00 PM

Vegan-Friendly Hot Spots in Rhode Island

I guess you can call this part two of my favorite vegan restaurants and hot spots in Rhode Island. You can find my first round of vegan restaurants in Rhode Island in this post.

One of the cool things about living in RI, for me, is the fact that we are a super vegan-friendly state. You’ll find options and hole-in-the-wall places both North and South of the state.
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The Friendly Fig

Little Snaps of Magic

Happy Friday!

I don’t have too many pics to share lately (it’s been too hot to do anything around here) and I’ve been crazy busy at work/with wedding, you know. The cool thing is… TONIGHT we’re going to see my favorite band of all time. Like, obsessed since I was 10 years old. And here I stand 27, and still as in love as the first listen. BLINK-182! Love love love. Mark Hoppus is my forever boyfriend, and Joe snagged us tickets on his side of the stage. He’s the best. Weeeee!

Aaaaand tomorrow, my mom is throwing me a shower! It’s going to be relaxing and low key at her place, and I am soooo excited to see everyone. I know she has some tricks up her sleeves, because she’s been hinting at “the surprises” all week. I’m excited to finally see! Basically, a busy and amazing weekend ahead. I hope yours are equally as exciting and full of love. Enjoy the pics. xx
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The Friendly Fig Vegan Food Diary

My Plant-Based Food Diary: What I Ate

Hiyaaaa friends!

It’s about that time for my sugar-free update! I mentioned in the past that I wanted to give this sugar-free lifestyle a go to see what happens… at least until the wedding (and no, probably not going to do this on my bachelorette weekend in Vegas).

So far, I’ve been feeling good. I noticed that I have been sleeping very well and getting up without feeling bloated/groggy. I do eat fruit, which is no issue for me. I actually prefer fresh fruit to sweets any day of the week. The hardest part has been not putting sugar in my coffee. So to be honest, I haven’t really been drinking much coffee, either! That’s probably a good thing. As much as I love it, I definitely think cutting back a bit is a good thing. With the fall quickly approaching, I know I’ll be back to my tea drinking, anyways. I LOVE tea during the cool months! Joe and I always have a couple mugs of tea while we curl up on the couch in the fall and winter. It’s a good habit to be in.

Anyways – here is what I am eating lately, sans sugar.
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Vegan Cream Cheese Avocado Toast

Snack Inspiration + Rambling

hello hello!

Currently: hanging out on the couch with minnie in my comfy elephant pants, watching re-runs of the vampire diaries (hi damon, i love you) and eating this cream cheese, tomato, and avocado on toast. The life.

I don’t have too much to say, but since this snack is everything right now, I thought you could use a nudge to go ahead and make it. Snackspirtion!
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Providence Farmer's Market

Hope St. Farmer’s Market [Providence, RI]

Hi friends! We had the best weekend, and one of the highlights was the farmer’s market. In my opinion, the Hope St. market in Providence is our state’s best. There’s a TON of stands and lots of variety between each one. If you are local, I highly suggest you make this a priority before it packs up and takes things indoors after summer/early fall. I ended up spending a little more than I planned on, but there was just soooo much good stuff. Plus, it was like 90 degrees out (it’s been crazy humid here – and lightning storms like whoaa) and all I could think of was making a huuuuge tomato, corn, and cucumber salad for lunch. But then there was fresh kale… and the prettiest purple eggplants, and squash, anddddd purple potatoes! And fresh bread! And everything else under the sun that I needed to have.

Isn’t it glorious how stunning real food is? Like really. So here I am, happy with my purchases:
Providence Farmer's Market

And my favorite pineapple bag, which I snagged from HomeGoods. And here’s a secret – that watermelon is yellow on the inside. Yellow!

So take a look at what my Saturday morning haul looked like, and enjoy the veggie and fruit porn below ;)
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Vegan Turmeric Spice Potato Hash

Vegan Turmeric + Spice Potato Hash

good morning, babes ;)

It’s a lazy Sunday morning at the Friendly Fig household (it’s probably Monday morning for you now). I slept in til 8:30 (this is seriously crazy for me since I am usually up by 5:30) and needed to do something with all my extra potatoes before they went bad.

Side note: Have you ever dealt with a potato that went bad? This happened to me about a year ago and I honestly thought something got into the house and died. I could not figure out where the putrid smell came from to save my life! I actually threw out perfectly fine cat food because I thought maybe it went bad. You can imagine my surprise when I went to grab a potato and the whole basket was wet and the smell – AWFUL. AWFUL!! I cannot even describe it to you! Who knew that one of the best vegetables of all time could turn into THAT? Not me. Glad that I am well aware now… but of course, I am extra paranoid about using potatoes quickly to avoid that happening ever again. I don’t think my nose could handle it AGAIN.

If this is news to you, I am glad I could be the one to tell ya. When I have kids someday, this will be one of their first life lessons – no one prepared me for this, and I think this is a pivotal life lesson. Woo – okay, anyways. Are you turned off yet? Oops.

But no seriously, my potatoes were fine so I decided to make a quick vegan potato hash. I had some extra veggies on hand, so hey – let’s up our homefry game with more nutrients and spices. The end result was pretty spectacular.
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Fascinating Facts About Elephants

World Elephant Day: Fascinating Elephant Facts

Happy World Elephant Day, friends!

There’s no way I could let today pass without doing something to honor these beautiful beings. Elephants are one of Earth’s most majestic creatures. Aside from their beauty, they are absolutely intelligent and powerful. While we can all say, “aw, I love elephants!” can we all really say we know a lot about them? If you’re an elephant lover, you should take a closer look at who they really are as a species.

On World Elephant Day, let’s celebrate their existence by learning more about them. Here are some fast facts.

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