Vegan Lunch Idea: Loaded Veggie Wrap

Vegan Lunch Idea: Loaded Veggie Wrap

Hey guys – I know this isn’t really a recipe, but more of a lunch idea. You know, just some inspiration if you are stumped on what to make. I can’t count how many times I will just stare into my fridge when its lunchtime with no clue what to do. No need for lunchmeat ever when you have fresh vegetables on hand. For me, an avocado is all I need to be the star of a veggie wrap. But if you want a major protein, you could also add beans/tempeh/tofu, etc.

This wrap is so fast and refreshing. So next time you are stumped, see what you have going in the veggie department and just throw it in a wrap. Easy easy.
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13 Healthy Morning Habits with an Infant

My Healthy Morning Habits With An Infant

My morning routine was in for a rude awakening when Willow came along. I’ve always been an early bird, and I think that prepared me a little bit, but there really is no way to prepare. Fortunately for me, Willow is actually a great sleeper. In the beginning, she usually got up once – rarely twice – in the middle of the night. Currently, she is sleeping through the night – 9 hours!

Regardless, I adjusted very quickly to this new way of waking up and tackling my morning. We found our groove and I am happy to say that I feel really good about it. If there are any others moms out there reading this, I hope that sharing some of my healthy habits will help or inspire your own routine. I think all of this makes for a smooth and cheery morning with baby – for me, anyways! I know that everyone’s routine is different, but this is mine.

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Vegan Peanut Lentil Stew

Vegan Peanut Lentil Stew

Hi friends!

Adding peanut butter to soup is my new thing. I’ve always been a peanut butter lover (like everyone else) but can’t get enough of it lately. I added it to my usual lentil stew recipe and it pretty much changed the game. It is even warmer than before. With the additional dash of cinnamon and cumin, it’s definitely something different and unique to add to your list of go-to soups.

Side note: I can’t wait until Willow is old enough to have peanut butter. So many awesome snacks and recipes for her to finally try. Weeeee!

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The Friendly Fig Delray, FL

Willow’s First Vacation: Visiting Delray, FL

Happy Friday, friends!

I just wanted to share some photos from our trip to Delray. My parents own a home down there, and it is absolutely beautiful. We had the best time – Willow’s very first vacation (and flight – more on that later)!

Everything in Delray is magic – the warmth, the fruit, the palm trees, the farmer’s markets, the colors. But seriously, the fruit. I feel like my tastebuds are being lied to at home, because fruit just tastes so much better in a tropical location. It’s depressing that I can’t get those tastes here up north!!

I also had some of the best acai bowls. Just take me back now.

Anyways, here are some little snaps of magic. I hope you have a beautiful weekend. xo bianca
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Vegan Broccoli Rabe Pasta

Broccoli Rabe Pasta

I don’t think I’ve ever posted as many pasta recipes on here than lately. I am trying hard to not eat as many carbs, but it is not easy. Pasta is the perfect postpartum food. It’s fast and easy to make. It’s starchy and comforting. It’s filling, especially for nursing moms. But hey, at least this pasta recipe features a great dose of greens.

I used to hate broccoli rabe because of its bitterness, but have grown to love it over the years. I can’t get enough. When you pair it with pasta, it is much less bitter (in my opinion). If you haven’t tried this green before, this may be a good recipe to ease into it. The copious amount of garlic is also helpful.
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Tips to Survive the First 12 Weeks With a Newborn

Tips to Survive the First 12 Weeks With a Newborn

The newborn phase feels like a distant dream. I can’t even believe that we went through it with Willow. Between the hormone imbalance, exhaustion, and just the general newness of role, it was quite a blur. And it is true what they say about the fourth trimester… it absolutely flies by. Even in the worst of moments and tantrums – when time feels like its standing still – you’ll soon believe it was only a blink of an eye. I swear.

Regardless of how fast it goes by, it is still the toughest transition you may ever go through (it certainly was for me). Becoming a mother challenged every bit of my being. Things that I thought would be easy, were not so much. Things that I dreaded turned out to be not so bad. My emotions were all over the place. My anxiety was through the roof. My entire existence and purpose suddenly shifted. It is so much to take in, in just a moment. Baby is born. World is turned upside-down, in the best most major, earth-shattering way. On the best days, you are truly elated. On the darker days, you may feel like you’ll never shake the negative. The good news is: it is ALL NORMAL as shit. And it will pass. And you will sleep again. And you will find time to love your husband/wife. And you will be the best mom in the world.

And surprisingly enough, you may eventually miss the first 12 weeks (weird, right?)

At any rate, here you are. Whether you are in the first 12 weeks now, have gone through them, or may face the challenge in the future, I wanted to share my experience and survival tools. Looking back on it, these are the things that made our lives easier and comfortable during the newborn stage. I hope these tips will help another mom.

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Cheap + Easy Vegan: Rice and Lentils 5 Ways

Cheap + Easy Vegan: Rice and Lentils 5 Ways

Rice and lentils are a cheap AF staple in my diet. Literally, every single week I will make a huge pot of white rice and a huge pot of brown lentils cooked according to package and then blend, store away, and enjoy throughout the week. To some, this may seem bland on its own (it’s not) but I find creative ways to eat this throughout the week for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Not only does it take only 20 minutes to prep this combo, but it’s filling, nutritious, and the best past… CHEAP!! A 5 lb bag of rice cost me $5. A lb of lentils cost me $1. Each serving is literally pennies. You just can’t go wrong with this combo. Of course, if you aren’t into lentils, you could always sub in beans. I go back and forth between the two, but lentils are my number one.

Anyways, now that I’ve sold you on how cheap this is, here are some easy ways that I enjoy my rice and lentils throughout the week.
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Vegan Cauliflower + Lentil Stew

Cauliflower + Lentil Stew

Hi friends! I’m sure you know by now that I really love simple recipes… and they may not seem like much, but if you are like me and are strapped for time, then I hope you can appreciate. This stew is super fast. I usually make it while Willow is down for her first morning nap so that I can have it ready for lunch. Most of the time it takes to make this is chopping up the vegetables. Other than that, it simmers on the stove for a while and is ready in no time.

Packed with protein from the lentils and quinoa, it is very filling (especially for this breastfeeding mama). This recipe makes a huge batch, which is convenient for leftovers all week.

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2018 Newborn Product Regrets

Newborn Product Regrets 2018

I hope no one takes this post in a negative light – this is not my intention at all! However, while navigating this motherhood thing, I have definitely been surprised by some of the products that I was so positive I would need and love ending up actually not being necessary for me and Willow at all. Of course, this is a super subjective list because everyone’s baby and situation is different! But hey, I am just being honest about what didn’t work for us. I wrote about our newborn essentials in the past, so here is the opposite end of the spectrum. Take this post with a grain of salt, of course.

In case you are on the fence about some products or wondering what you may get by without… this post is for you. I hope it is helpful. Again – these products were not terrible by any means – they just didn’t quite work out for us!

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Vegan Peanut Buddha Bowl

Peanut Buddha Bowl

I could bathe in peanut sauce. Anyone else?

Lots of bowls over here lately because they are easy to pull together when I have rice and veggies prepped from the weekend.

This recipe may seem intimidating with a lot of steps, but once you have all the ingredients, it is so easy to assemble. It was easy for me because I usually have steamed rice or a grain in the fridge readily available (some of you may do this, too!) Once the tempeh and chickpeas are roasted, everything else is pretty simple to pull together.

And to be honest, do what you will with these guidelines, but add whatever grain or veggies you have on hand! Hey, if you have tofu, bake that instead. The star of this dish is the peanut sauce, so throw together anything else you’d like with that. I think sweet potato or red pepper would also be a great addition!

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