The Friendly Fig Vegan Food Diary

My Plant-Based Food Diary: What I Ate

Hi friends – I am soo excited to write this post. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while, but would always forget to document everything from my day. I think I am finally ready to commit and make this a thing. To be honest, with less than 3 months until the wedding, I thought this would help keep me on track with eating healthy and logging it all. So here’s to hoping it will also help hold me accountable ;)

I may do this once a week or so. I’m always asked, “so what do you eat?” Welp, now you’ll know ;) I hope you guys like this type of stuff… definitely let me know if you are looking forward to this new addition in the comments below.
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The Friendly Fig

Things I’m Loving

Hi friends!

There’s so much in life that I am absolutely in love with that I wanted to compile it all in one place. I know we had a vegan version of this last week, but hey… let’s broaden the horizon, shall we? I hope that some of this inspires you guys – and I would love to hear some of the things that you’re loving in the comments. Let’s talk, let’s share.

Here we go…!
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Freekeh Coconut Roasted Vegetables Recipe

Freekeh + Coconut Roasted Veggies

Hi friends :)

Remember a few weeks ago when I was ranting and raving about coconut oil? Yup, still on a total kick. My latest obsession is to roast vegetables with it vs. olive oil. I know, it’s some kind of sin to not use olive oil as an Italian, but I can’t help myself. Coconut has that subtle sweetness and cozy flavor to it. It roasts so well!

This is a really simple recipe, and it has become a staple in our house. Basically, freekeh in general is now a staple. I can’t stop eating it to save my life. If you show up at any given moment, I probably have leftovers in my fridge. I love making a huge batch and having it on hand all throughout the week. I especially love eating it for breakfast. Weird, right? It’s totally cool.

So, here’s a typical recipe… but it’s far from typical. It’s actually magical.
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Tips for Waking Up Early

Tips for Waking Up Early (+ Why You Should!)

Hello from 5:07 am :)

Okay – sure, 5:07 seems very early. I know. Buttttt… I don’t hate it. Most people in my life think I am absolutely insane for being such an earlybird, but I love my schedule so much. I’m so productive first thing in the morning! It’s become my time to destress and write first thing… coffee/tea, pajamas, lavender oil diffuser, and the glow of the himalayan salt lamp. Oh, and Miss Minnie snuggled by my side. While the rest of the world is quiet and still, I’m basking in the silence. It’s my time. The funny thing is, when Joe tries to get up and enjoy “my time” with me… I’m like wait, what are you doing up?! PLEASE STAY QUIET. Hahaha.

But no, I love that he is starting to adopt a smidge of the earlybird lifestyle. He used to sleep in until around 9-10, but increasingly getting up around 8 now. I love it. Even on Saturdays, we are up and at it and ready to hit the market and get weekend chores rolling. Done by 10-11am, and then free to enjoy the remainder of the day. Again, I really freaking love it.

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Mango Avocado Spring Rolls Recipe

Mango Avocado Spring Rolls + Stranger Things

Hi! Happy Monday!

Before I even get into the recipe post for today – STRANGER THINGS. Have any one you watched it? I’m a sci-fi girl, so this is literally everything. We binged the 8 episodes in 2 days… and I am still just, floored. The acting, the story, the nostalgia, the chills. I. GOT. SO. MANY. CHILLS. SO. MANY. TMES. It is the freakiest show in the very best way possible. It gave me all the ET-vibes (one of my favorite movies). Just let me fangirl for a minute, because I cannot stop thinking about it. All of the actors are absolutely incredible – I fell in love with their characters so quickly. But the KIDS – oh man. Eleven <333

Now that my ramble is out of the way. STRANGERTHINGSFOREVER.FGNKDFHJKF.

I’ve been dying to share this recipeeeee – I’ve had it for a while now, but have put it off for so long. I don’t know why – it is very easy!! I hope you guys are still interested in hearing it, because it’s a hell of a good one.

If you follow me on IG, you know that I was obsessed with the mango and avocado spring rolls from Bee’s Thai Cuisine. I could not get enough!! Naturally, I couldn’t stop thinking about them and ran out to grab all the necessary ingredients to make my own. You may also remember Sara’s post from the past with a similar recipe… so I totally used her as my guide. Thanks, Sara!!

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Vegan Roasted Cabbage Recipe

Roasted Cabbage (+benefits)

As promised, simple, whole recipes. Roasted cabbage is one of my favorite snacks. I eat it alone, or mix in some grains and other roasted veggies for a hearty dinner. Aside from being easy to make and delicious, I would definitely consider cabbage to be a super food. It may not look like much, but don’t let that deceive you. I’ll share some star benefits after the recipe.

And one of the best things about cabbage? It is dirt cheap (like, 60 cents a lb cheap).

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Vegan Things I’m Loving

Hi friends – how are you? Life has been pretty fantastic over here. Still working on wedding plans… and cannot believe how fast October is coming up on us. We’re also in the process of finishing our basement- we just finished painting recently – YAY! Truth be told, I haaaate painting. I thought I would like it, but when you buy a foreclosed home and have to repaint the entire thing (including trim and ceilings), you don’t like it anymore. We may have done that 3 years ago, but when I picked up the brush last weekend… it felt like yesterday and all those “ughhh painting” feelings came back. Haha! But glad that is over – so now we need to hire someone to do the flooring – then fix up the second bathroom… then furnish. It feels like we are sooo close but still so far. I just can’t wait for this space to be done! We’re basically doubling our living space – yay! Minnie is going to love it down there, too. It’s so much cooler than upstairs. With these 90-degree days, I’ve been feeling bad for her. We keep the fans running while we are away so she at least has some airflow.

So this morning I felt like compiling a few of the vegan things in my life lately. Maybe I should do a post like this every so often, because I am constantly trying new things and then becoming obsessed with them. I go through phases. Currently, these are all the things that have my heart. Maybe it will inspire you, too!
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Coconut Oil Uses Benefits

What To Do With Coconut Oil

hi there, coconuts ;)

Any other people out there obsessed with coconut oil? I grew up in an Italian household, so olive oil was always our oil of choice. Hey, it still is, usually… but I have definitely expanded my palate when I adopted a plant-based lifestyle. I started to experiment with different oils in both cooking and baking. Coconut oil definitely ranks near the top, and I have really learned to embrace its subtle, sweet taste. I think it adds a lot of depth to meals, and also has proved to be amazing as a beauty ingredient, too.

I use coconut oil in a lot of random ways in my life, so I wanted to share a few of my key coconut oil habits (as well as some health benefits). It’s important to shed light on products that you may not necessarily feel compelled to try. If you are not a coconut oil believer, maybe this can change your mind.
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Vegan Tofu Pesto Breakfast Sandwich

Tofu + Pesto Breakfast Sandwich [Vegan]

Hi beauties :)

I’m up at the crack of dawn as usual, ready to share one of my favorite recipes as of lately. Some of you may have seen this on my Instagram, and as promised, I’m here to share the recipe finally. Sorry it took so long – I kept putting it off. Oops! Anyone else here an early bird? My energy is always utilized best first thing in the morning. But by like 2 or 3 PM, I am basically useless. Ha!

So back to foooood. I think my all-time favorite breakfast is probably a breakfast sandwich. A bunch of delicious things stuffed between two slices of bread? Sold. When I first gave up eggs, I was bummed about giving up the usual egg sandwich, but truth be told – it’s just as easy to substitute as everything else. Tofu is wondrous.
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The Fantastic Umbrella Factory

Little Snaps of Magic

Happy Friday! Today is awesome – Joe and I took the day off. We’re ready for brunch, sunshine, and the Brand New + Modest Mouse show tonight. I’ve seen Brand New (!!) and they are amazing live. Never seen Modest Mouse… very excited about it. Bring on the nostalgia!

Keeping it short and sweet – enjoy some snaps of magic from my life lately and have yourself a brilliant weekend! xx
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