Coffee Table Books

Notable Coffee Table Reads

I love a full coffee table – from himalayan salt candles to crystals to books. I always think it’s interesting to see what someone puts on their coffee table. It can say a lot about that person! On mine, you’ll find a couple of my favorite books. I put them there so that when people come over, they can experience (hopefully) the same excitement and interest as I did when I found these books. All unique, and beautiful in their own right. I find inspiration in their pages, and I think you will, too.

How to Be a Wildflower by Katie Daisy

I found this book while browsing Anthropologie on my lunch break, and was immersed in it. I sat there for the majority of my lunch flipping through its bright, art-filled pages. From a fresh strawberry pie recipe, to inspiring quotes, and pages to press flowers, this is one of the most charming books I have ever come across. I went home that night and couldn’t stop thinking about it – and then a week later, still thinking about it. I finally caved and bought it on Amazon, and I’m so happy I did. Just flipping through it makes me feel more at peace and connected with the universe. Katie Daisy (her name, though! <3) is a special soul, and I’m so glad to have found her art. I really encourage you to follow her journey.

The Plantiful Table, by Andrea Duclos

Oh, Drea. How I love you so. Ohdeardrea is my favorite (vegan!) blogger and her cookbook is nothing short of amazing. The pages are the color of the rainbow (love) and the recipes are wholesome, easy, and bursting with flavor. She also includes tips on each recipe for leftovers, how to make the meal appealing to little vegans, and more. This is my favorite vegan cookbook of all time, and I think it is a staple for anyone looking to eat plant-based without sacrificing flavor or excitement.

The 52 Lists Project, by Moorea Seal

Whether you are a writer or not, the 52 Lists Project is the perfect way to reflect on where you are in your life, and dream about the future. I bought this because I thought it would be fun to look back on these lists/prompts someday with my future little bits. From your favorite quotes to favorite television characters, you’ll document moments in your life that you will never want to forget. It’s therapeutic, and it’s fun!

What’s your coffee table personality look like? I’d love to hear or see a picture. xx bianca