The Friendly Fig Vegan Food Diary

My Food Diary: What I Ate

Hiiiiyeeeee friends :)

How are you guys? I’ve been crazy busy at work, and even busier trying to nail down all wedding things. I had my last dress fitting this past weekend… ahh! The dress being done pretty much makes this real as hell. I mean, not that it was never real, but… it totally gets you.

Still avoiding the stove at all costs – very minor use… mostly for quinoa and portobello mushrooms. I made this awesome quinoa salad (you’ll see below) and it’s great to make in large batches for the whole week. Plus, cold and refreshing (and protein!) Anyyyywhooo… here’s what my food diary has been looking like!


The Friendly Fig Vegan Food Diary
The usual peanut butter on english muffin for me – with the addition of 1/2 banana since I have a couple sitting on the counter that are almost overripe (and I don’t like overripe bananas). Also – multi, b12, and calcium + vitamin d. You can learn more about my vitamin routine here.

Mid-Morning Snack

The Friendly Fig Vegan Food Diary

Nectarine and plum for snack (the nectarine finally makes it debut). Fruit fruit fruit <3


The Friendly Fig Vegan Food Diary

It’s salad bar for me – really, a hodge podge of things. There was romaine, grape tomatoes, broccoli, olives, carrots, corn, brussels sprouts, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, mushrooms aaaaaaand white bean hummus. Hummus ALWAYS. I also added a little bit of olive oil and balsamic for flavor. I’d say this is nutrient, protein, and healthy fat packed.

Afternoon Snack

The Friendly Fig Vegan Food Diary

These plant-based bars are good and curb a sweet tooth. Plus, they have 8 grams of protein (really!)


The Friendly Fig Vegan Food Diary

Another variety of foods for dinner. I made portobellos on the stove (quickly) and paired it with a quick quinoa salad, 1/2 dreamy creamy avocado, and 1 piece of falafel because Joe was making them aaaaand, why not?! They are the frozen ones from Trader Joe’s and they sooo good.

Another awesome plant-based day. What’d you eat today? xx bianca