Vegan Cereal Options

15 Vegan Options for the Cereal Lover

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I recently found a vegan version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch – one of my faaaavorite cereals as a kid. I could have screamed in the aisle. It actually made my day. I know that cereal in general is not the best nutritionally, but sometimes you just need a bowl of cereal before bed. I’ve been eating more of it now, too – during pregnancy, you just want carbs. Or, at least I do. Plus… you can’t take the cereal out of the cereal kid.

When I first went vegan, cereal was one of those things that I was completely bummed about – all the good cereal is not vegan, right? Thankfully, I’ve found out through the years that organic and natural companies are putting a spin on old favorites, minus the cruelty. There are actually a ton of vegan cereal options, and I want to share some of my favorites with you. So anyone else who loves nothing more than a bowl of Frosted Flakes – this one goes out to you.

#1: Trader Joe’s – Frosted Flakes

15 Vegan Cereal Options
I’m kicking off the list with my absolutely favorite cereal of all time (sorry, cinnamon toast crunch). Frosted Flakes was my favorite growing up, and it still is. When Joe pointed out this version at Trader Joe’s, I lost it. I bought 2 boxes and ate more than I’d like to admit. Since getting the tiger back into my life, I have calmed down and eat it sparingly, but really… it tastes exactly like the original.

#2: Barbara’s – Peanut Butter Puffins

15 Vegan Cereal Options
You can’t go wrong with most Puffins cereal, but this is definitely a must. It reminds me of Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter.

#3: Mom’s Best Cereals – Toasted Cinnamon Squares

15 Vegan Cereal Options
Here it is – my second favorite. These tastes just like the original Kellogg’s version, but better. Free of artificial flavors or preservatives. No hydrogenated oils. No high fructose corn syrup. Winner.

#4: Trader Joe’s – Joe’s O’s

15 Vegan Cereal Options
Same thing as Cheerios, I just prefer to support the better brand.

#5: Trader Joe’s – Crisp Rice Cereal

15 Vegan Cereal Options
Another childhood favorite made by Trader Joe’s. They taste exactly the same, and are the better brand. I guess it is worth noting that the original Kellogg’s cereal is also accidentally vegan. Either way, you can get your fix.

#6: EnviroKidz Organic Gorilla Munch Cereal

15 Vegan Cereal Options
A simple, delicious corn puff cereal – vegan and gluten-free.

#7: Trader Joe’s – Fruity O’s

15 Vegan Cereal Options
Need a Fruit Loop fox? These are an awesome alternative.

#8: EnviroKidz Koala Crisp

15 Vegan Cereal Options
Another vegan and gluten-free option that will make you forget all about Cocoa Krispies. These are the real deal.

#9: Nature’s Path Organic Optimum Blueberry Cinnamon

15 Vegan Cereal Options
A healthy flax cereal with an awesome flavor combo – great choice.

#10: Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Maple Pecan Crunch Cereal

15 Vegan Cereal Options
Organic and featuring flax – plus, maple pecan crunch is basically like dessert for breakfast.

#11: Barbara’s Shredded Wheat Cereal

15 Vegan Cereal Options
For all the lovers of Mini Wheats – here is your vegan and natural alternative.

#12: Trader Joe’s Raisin Bran

15 Vegan Cereal Options
Another classic that you grew to love as you got older. Trader Joe’s really nails it in the cereal game.

#13: Reese’s Puffs

15 Vegan Cereal Options
Okay, I know it is not a healthy cereal whatsoever, but it is worth noting that this beloved childhood favorite is actually vegan. Seriously… awesome, right?

#14: Cap’n Crunch

15 Vegan Cereal Options
Good ‘ol fashioned Cap’n Crunch cereal is accidentally vegan. Again, not great for you, but it is an option.

#15: Corn Pops

15 Vegan Cereal Options
Another accidentally vegan cereal from your childhood.

So there you have it – you will not have to suffer without cereal when you decide to adopt a vegan diet. What a relief, right?

Feel free to list any of your favorites in the comments – this cereal addict is always looking for more options. xx bianca


2 thoughts on “15 Vegan Options for the Cereal Lover

  1. Love this list! I LIVE on Reese’s Puffs with vanilla soy milk as a late night snack at college. Corn pops, shredded wheat, and frosted flakes are great too! I need to try those peanut butter puffins- they sound wonderful. Also CONGRATS on the pregnancy! I’m so excited for you and Joe and this new chapter in your lives.

    • Hey Ellie – thank you so much!! We’re very excited.

      And oh man, I live on cereal, too. Reese’s Puffs are the besstttt. I’ve also been addicted to the Trader Joe’s frosted flakes like crazy. So good!! xx

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