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Cruelty-Free Nails: The Office Edition

I don’t think I’ll ever get over this Essie Office Collection. Before you get too excited… I have looked high and low to see if this was a legit line, but nope. I love that someone took the time to do this – it is SPOT ON. If you don’t know by now, I am an obsessed Office fan. Every day, I get home from work, get comfortable, and play Office reruns while I cook dinner. It is the highlight of my day, and I am not ashamed to say that I’ve seen all episodes at least 10 times each. It’s crazy, but it’s fine. It makes me happy!

Since Essie isn’t cruelty-free, I thought it may be fun to make one for us! Thank God I have a blog, because I would hate to make this and not share it. So, that is my excuse to do this useless, but super fun post. To whoever had this Essie idea, you are a genius. I can only hope to do half a good a job as you have done, my friend.

NOTE: These are not the real names of the polishes – this is just for fun! Also, yes there are 30. I couldn’t stop.

Here’s what I’ve come up with using Zoya polish as my inspiration!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 12.57.52 PM

#1: Michael Scott. Michael and His Jeans (Ibiza, $10)

#2: Dwight Schrute. False (Darcy, $9)

#3: Jim Halpert. Goldenface (Goldie, $9)

#4: Pam Beesly. Whitest Sneakers (Purity, $9)

#5: Angela Martin. Save Bandit (Loredana, $9)

#6: Ryan Howard. Hottest in the Office (Cynthia, $9)

#7: Kelly Kapoor. Because I’m Pregnant (Bobbi, $9)

#8: Toby Flenderson. Goodbye, Toby (Dree, $9)

#9: Oscar Martinez. Actually (Heather, $9)

#10: Kevin Malone. Kevin’s Famous Chili (Sasha, $9)

#11: Jan Levinson. You Burn It, You Buy It (Portia, $9)

#12: Daryl Philbin. Fluffy Fingers (Dove, $9)

#13: Erin Hannon. Cafe Disco (Kissy, $9)

#14: Stanley Hudson. I Like Pretzel Day (Flynn, $9)

#15: Phyllis Vance. The Oven Mit (Myrta, $9)

#16: Meredith Palmer. Casual Day (Pinta, $9)

#17: Andy Bernard. Ru-du-du-do-du (Ali, $9)

#18: Holly Flax. Holly’s Sleeve (Piaf, $9)

#19: Creed Bratton. That Wasn’t a Tape Worm (Ginessa, $9)

#20: The Office. Casino Night (Zara, $9)

#21: The Office. It is your birthday (Imogen, $10)

#22: The Office. Yankee Swap (Gia, $9)

#23: The Office. The Dundies (Ziv, $9)

#24: The Office. Pam’s Cardigan (Melanie, $9)

#25: The Office. Party Planning Committee (Monet, $10)

#26: The Office. Feeling Hot Hot Hot (Paz, $9)

#27:The Office. Scott’s Tots (Blu, $9)

#28: The Office. Where Are the Turtles? (Kalista, $9)

#29: The Office. Boom, Roasted (Storm, $9)

#30: The Office. I Declare Bankruptcy (Josie, $9)

I wish I could have gone beyond 30 – it was so hard to choose!! Anyone else a big fan of the Office? Hope this gave you a laugh (and some serious inspiration)! xx Bianca


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