Baby Registry Sample

What’s On My Baby Registry

Putting together a baby registry is no joke. It’s constantly a work in progress, and always changing (for me, anyway!) There are SO MANY PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET. I’ve spent so much time reading reviews, testing products in store, asking other moms for opinions, etc. Plus, there is always that little voice in my head saying, “remember… they are going to grow out of this stuff quickly.” This voice usually arrives when I am on Etsy or other specialty shops and want to basically buy out everything.

Plus – where do I register? Babies R Us like most moms? Target? Amazon? More researching! I ultimately settled on Amazon because Amazon can do no wrong in my eyes. It’s easy, has the largest selection, competitive pricing, easy 90-day returns, a completion discount, and buyers with a Prime account will be pleased – free shipping! The only downside/flaw I have with Amazon – well, two things. One, things go out of stock frequently and I have to constantly check to make sure everything is good to go. Second, sometimes listing go away completely and when you click on the item that vanished, it doesn’t tell you what it is! The only way I found I could get around this was to save all links/products to a Google Doc. If something goes missing, I can easily pinpoint what is missing. Sure, it took some time… but I’d rather know than wonder what the hell is gone from my registry.

I’m sure this is going to change a zillion times more before my actual shower, but I wanted to share some of the items I have on my registry. It will give you a good idea of what you may want for your own registry, or simply inspire you to look into a brand you may not have heard of. I looked at tons of sample registries while I was making my own, and loved seeing what other moms included on theirs.

Mine doesn’t include any furniture (or really any clothing) because most of that stuff my parents and in-laws are grabbing (and we’ve purchased some ourselves!) I know this kiddo is going to end up with a ton of clothes regardless of what I put on my registry, so I only included white onesie essentials. Plus, she’s basically set with 0-6 months worth of hand-me-downs!

So now that I’ve rambled on and on about this, without further adieu… some of my very favorite items on our registry (it’s not the whole thing, but gives you a pretty good idea!)

(Oh, and please share your thoughts on items you have experience with!)

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I’ll receive a commission if you purchase from this link. This extra income provides for my family and keeps The Friendly Fig running strong. It will NEVER change the price of the item or charge you more.


Carrier and Stroller System – My favorite is the Graco Modes Travel System. My nana actually grabbed this for us already – in Holt. We went to Babies R Us to test them out and ended up leaving with it. The carrier is lightweight and comfortable on my arm and has great reviews. The stroller is very smooth. The carrier fits right into the stroller, too. I think I am mostly excited about this! I am also registering for a second light-weight stroller. I love this one by Summer Infant (in tropical green of course). It’ll be good to keep one in each of our cars. Plus, I feel like the light-weight will be used a ton for shorter/less intensive walks.

Diaper Bag – Love that this one from Hip Club looks like a bag I would actually carry. Again, great reviews, great price, and apparently holds a ton. Includes a matching baby changing pad!

Carriers – First, the Baby K’tan carrier. I’m excited that this is easy to put on and off, and the Dandelion pattern is darling. I’m also registering for the Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier aside from the cloth. This carrier is much more durable and seems like a no-brainer. I’m excited to carry her around on the go! I originally went with the boring tan until I found this discontinued Zen green – SOLD.

Graco Pack ‘n Playard – Good for play and naps, and even better that it folds up easily to take on the go.


Swaddles – I am registering for a couple different brands of swaddle blankets because I like how they are larger than receiving blankets – and really versatile. I feel like they will grow with baby, too. Margaux and May has a 5-star review and the dandelion pattern is just gorgeous. I’m also such a sucker for these Aden + Anais indigo shibori swaddles. Indigo shibori always catches my eye. Aside from the those, I am also registering for the SwaddleMe Pods (possibly this sweet tree print) – the velcro makes it easy!

Blankets – I’ve heard amazing things about the Aden + Anais Dream Blanket. Perfect for tummy time, picnics, cuddling, you name it. I’m grabbing two – my favorites are this Fairground print and the Into the Jungle! Also, you can never have too many receiving blankets for who knows what – changing, drool, comfort, etc.

Bedding – Great review on the Safety 1st mattress pad. American Baby Company makes a waterproof protective pad cover (will grab a few of those so I don’t drive myself crazy with laundry). Fitted sheets, of course – mostly organic cotton.

Bassinet – For the first few months, we’ll keep our girl close in the HALO bassinet swivel sleeper. It’s one of the more expensive items on our registry, but the reviews speak for themselves and I love how easy it is to maneuver for night feedings. Fitted sheets for this, too.

Nightlight + Soother – How freakin’ cute is this owl moonlight and melodies nightlight by Skip Hop?

Baby Monitor – I know we need one, but we are still finalizing the brand we’re going to go with. Any suggestions? Please comment below! This one has been tough to decide on.

Himalayan Salt Night Light – Am I crazy? Are you surprised? I just think this one is perfect and hey – air purifying!


Diapers – Initially, we planned on buying a ton before she arrives, but ultimately decided against it. What if she has sensitive skin? Or maybe she skips newborn size? We just don’t know, so we are only registering for a few: newborn, size 1, size 2, and sensitive. We’ll figure out what we like and don’t like (or rather, what she likes!) once she arrives. But we are totally starting a diaper fund. And if people bring us diapers… I won’t hate it.

Baby Wipes + Dispenser – Again, we won’t know what works best, but I am registering for a sensitive skin brand that I’ve heard great things about – WaterWipes. We’ll see how they go! I also love this wipe warmer in green. Easy access and looks clean.

Changing Pads + Covers – The American Baby Company brand seems to be a go-to for most moms, and I’m going to follow suit. Grabbing a contoured changing pad and cover from them.

Diaper Rash Cream – Open to suggestions for this. Will probably go with Honest, but please share your favorite cruelty-free brands with me.

Diaper Pail – Multiple moms have told me Ubbi is the best, and it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in the bedroom. Plus, you can use your own standard trash bags. Sold.


Pacifiers – Why do I love pacifiers so much? I think they are so cute, so I am registering for a couple different kinds. Mostly Natursutten BPA-free rubber pacifiers. Also – I am in love with the WubbaNub tabby kitten pacifier (Minnie!)

Pacifier Clip – I already bought some sweet ones from Etsy (I couldn’t resist!)

Teething Toys – I’ll finally find out what the big fuss over Sophie the Giraffe is. I also love these darling fruit teething toys (which can be frozen).

Humidifier – This one by Crane Drop is sleek and will blend well in the nursery. Speaking of easy breathing, anyone use Breathe Easy rub by Honest? Thoughts?

Healthcare + Grooming Kits – The Summer Infant Nursery Care Kit includes everything you can imagine – from a nasal aspirator to combs to clippers.


Burp Clothes – Love Green Sprouts muslin burp clothes because they are made from organic cotton. Also adding the Gerber flannel clothes because of the cute prints (birds and polka dots!) Plus, word is you can never have enough burp clothes!

Bottles – I plan on nursing, but am registering for a couple different bottle brands. This includes: Philips Avent newborn starter set, Comotomo (heard these are great to transition to when breastfeeding), and Tommee Tippee (the fiesta set, duh). Would love your thoughts on these brands if you have experience! I also think the Lifefactory Glass Bottles are so cute, but am torn. Anyone use these?

Bottle Accessories – Registering for a warmer by the First Years – seems to work with all the bottles I am planning on using. I’m also grabbing a bottle brush.

Bibs – Like burp clothes, bibs are always good to have in abundance, right? I love the Aden + Anais brand so much, and the tie-dye vibe of these are sweet (like the indigo swaddles, but pink). Also an 8-pack of these rainbow terry cloth bibs – cheap and sweet. Trying the BABYBJORN soft bib to catch extra messy meals.

High Chair – Love this sleek one by JOOVY. Seems easy to clean and will look nice in our home.

Nursing Cover – A pretty pattern for Mommy! This one works as a nursing and car seat cover. Dual usage for the win.

Baby Food Freezer Trays – I’m so excited to make my own baby purees! I’ve registered for these silicone trays. You can never have enough frozen meals, right? Bulk cooking forever.

Fresh Fruit Feeder – These mesh pops are darling for a kiddo who will be consuming lots of fruit like her mama.


TubIt’s a whale that fits over your sink. I mean… yes.

Bath + Skin Care – I’ll probably end up trying a few different brands by Babyganics always caught my eye (even before being pregnant). Between the packaging and being cruelty-free, I am excited to give their essentials kit a try.

Towels – Is there anything cuter than hooded bath towels? No. Love the Spasilk brand (a 23-piece set with all the essentials).


Rocker, Swing, Bouncer – I initially was going to register for the Mamaroo, but there are so many mixed reviews (particularly stating that it depends on the baby’s preference whether or not it is worth it) that I decided against it. For the price and for how short of a time frame we will be using it, I’d rather grab an individual swing and bouncer (love this one by Baby Bjorn) – it ended up being less expensive for all three! That way, baby can decide what she likes and hey… if one doesn’t work, maybe the other ones will. I’ll most likely end up with Fischer-Price brand, but open to suggestions.

Walker – There are so many to choose from, but… how else will the Minnie obsession start? Disney for life.

Jellycat Stuffed Animals – These are all so sweet, it was so hard to choose! I really love the bunny and pig. Speaking of Jellycat, I also love their soft cover “tails” books – planning on the Jungle Tails and Farm Tails (especially for this little plant based baby!)

Wooden Toys – Love this wooden rainbow block set, and the stackable rings. Also registering for lots of Melissa & Doug blocks + toys.

Activity GymRainforest friends for life!

So. I didn’t include some of the little things, but you get the idea. Anything crazy I am missing or should know about? Please please share your suggestions below! I cannot wait to look into them. xx bianca