MALIN + GOETZ Shampoo Conditioner Vegan Review

Vegan Hair Care: MALIN + GOETZ

No word of a lie, the minute I lathered up and used this shampoo + conditioner in the hotel shower, I knew I would be writing this post. Do you ever have that happen to you? You try something and it is literally love at first use. Between the minty scent, the cool head-tingles, and the lightness of product… I was instantly sold. Also funny story, this brand was in our mini-moon hotel room after the wedding. We stayed at Forty 1 North in Newport (out of control amazing, by the way) and they supplied MALIN + GOETZ shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion. I took all the samples I could, gushed about my newfound love to Joe 80% of the time, and then went home and ordered two huge bottles immediately. And now here I am, still gushing about it weeks and weeks later. I AM OBSESSED.

They do not test on animals and never plan on doing so [!!] and the majority of their products are vegan. According to their website, the only products that are not vegan are: Hair Pomade (has lanolin and beeswax), Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer and Vitamin B5 Hand Treatment (have honey), and (MALIN+GOETZ) Candles (have beeswax). You can find all this information on their website, so definitely go and browse. They have a ton of other products that I hope to try soon. Actually, a really cool thing that they do when you order directly from their website is allow you to choose 3 products to sample. I feel like all I wanna do is place orders to have ALL THE SAMPLES. This time around, I chose to sample: vitamin e face moisturizer, detox face mask, and clarifying clay mask. I love face masks, can you tell?

Another plus – all products are made in the USA! Love that.

Okay – so now that I have gushed on and on, let me talk about the actual shampoo and conditioner.

Yes, they are pricey. I have to say it – this is so much more than what I normally spend on hair care. I would usually grab a 24 or 32 oz bottle for like… $15 bucks each… tops. But I guess this should just tell you how much I loved this stuff. It really nourished my hair in a whole new way. It stood out so much more than others! I know everyone’s hair is different, but this is how the product worked with mine. To me, it was worth it. I have also been trying to buy higher quality products – especially when it comes to my hair and skin. Not saying the drugstore stuff isn’t killing it – you know me, I love it! But a little luxury for your hair and skin is worth the splurge, personally for me. It makes me look and feel good, and boosts my mood – and that is invaluable!

Peppermint Hair Shampoo, 16 oz

This shampoo lathered so nicely with just a little bit. Really – a little goes a long way. The peppermint is so refreshing on your scalp. It is minty and cool, and you can feel the tingles. I felt like I was at the spa!

Cost: $36

Cilantro Hair Conditioner, 16 oz

For a girl who hates cilantro, this stuff is incredible. I guess I love cilantro – just not when eaten, because the smell isn’t too strong but very pleasant. It is not a heavy conditioner at all, and extends enough for my long hair to only use a dollop. My hair felt smooth, soft, and light after a quick blow-dry. The smell also stayed – even after blow-drying! That usually does not happen for me.

Cost: $40

I kept making Joe feel my hair all weekend after using these products, and that is why it is worth the splurge for me. They have 8 oz bottles for a bit less, and you can buy the shampoo and conditioner combo. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and felt great ordering it. I can’t wait to give all the samples a try – you know I will report back if I like what I see ;)

Have you heard of this company? I’d love to hear from some of you who have! Let me know if there are any other products I should sample next time, too. xx bianca