13 Healthy Morning Habits with an Infant

My Healthy Morning Habits With An Infant

My morning routine was in for a rude awakening when Willow came along. I’ve always been an early bird, and I think that prepared me a little bit, but there really is no way to prepare. Fortunately for me, Willow is actually a great sleeper. In the beginning, she usually got up once – rarely twice – in the middle of the night. Currently, she is sleeping through the night – 9 hours!

Regardless, I adjusted very quickly to this new way of waking up and tackling my morning. We found our groove and I am happy to say that I feel really good about it. If there are any others moms out there reading this, I hope that sharing some of my healthy habits will help or inspire your own routine. I think all of this makes for a smooth and cheery morning with baby – for me, anyways! I know that everyone’s routine is different, but this is mine.

Don’t linger in bed. It is so tempting to just stay in bed a couple extra minutes – especially if we had a rough night – but just get up. While Willow is in and out of sleep, I am definitely not going to get in any solid sleep, so I just get up. While she is still in and out of sleep, I can get so much done before she is actually up, which includes: washing face, brushing teeth, opening blinds, feeding the cat, pumping, getting myself ready, picking out her outfit for the day, eating breakfast, etc. I can’t tell you how invaluable this time is for me. I slept in a couple times and it was a mess. She was awake and fussy… I was scrambling around trying to do things… it was just really stressful. I like having my morning moments – even if it is just preparing for the day!

Pump (if necessary). I am currently exclusively pumping and bottle feeding. First thing in the morning, I always have to pump (since she no longer gets up in the middle of the night). I do this while Willow is still sleeping or just lounging next to my husband. I get it out of way immediately.

Hydrate. Drink lots of water first thing in the morning. I try to have at least 8 oz to kick things off. I also love having a cup of tea some mornings.

Open all shades + let the light in. Don’t forget to let the light in first thing in the morning! When I forget to open blinds, the house just feels dark and depressing.

Make bed. It takes literally 5 minutes and makes me feel accomplished and neat.

Have breakfast. Don’t forget to eat something! Trust me, it is easy to. I’ve forgotten to eat or have been too busy and it just makes me really grouchy and irritated. Even just a quick slice of toast with peanut butter is enough to fill you up and start your day off on the right foot.

Put on make-up and get dressed. It’s very tempting to stay in your pajamas all day when you are home with an infant, but please don’t. Well, not everyday. I have totally done it – some days you just need that. BUT those are the days that I end up feeling like a bum. It makes a world of a difference to put some jeans or leggings on and some mascara and lipstick. You’ll feel human.

Put up uplifting music. It doesn’t matter if it is Florence + The Machine or some lullabies. Just put something on that relaxes you and makes you happy. I will sometimes have a little morning dance with Willow. She enjoys it just as much as me. It also gets me moving!

Do a quick clean and prepare all stations for the day. For me, this means pulling out some fresh burp cloths/bibs/blankets for the day and leaving them in the spots that I know I’ll need them. I make sure her pacifiers are close by and any and all bottles are clean. I also sterilize first thing in the morning so there is no shortage. For me, I also fill up my re-usable water bottle.

Gather dirty laundry and run a load. I do this every other day usually. It keeps the laundry from piling up.

Plan day. I make a quick list of the things that I want to accomplish. Nothing crazy, but just a couple tasks that I know I need done. For example, one day might be to make a few quick meals, pay bills, clean bathroom or floors, and write a blog post. Writing things down and having them on paper makes it way easier to accomplish while Willow goes down for a nap (which usually gives me at least 1-2 hours to get things done).

Put on your favorite Netflix show as background noise. I don’t like a quiet house, so I always do this first thing in the morning. My go-to shows are: The Office, That 70’s Show, Parks and Rec, or Friends. This is great to have going for when I need to feed her. I get comfy on the couch and at least have something to keep me entertained for the next 30 minutes.

Aromatherapy. I will either light a soy candle or use my essential oil diffuser to make the house smell good. I never forget to do this – it just makes me happy!

What morning habits do you have that makes life easier with an infant? I’d love to hear your ideas. xx bianca


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