Retro DIY Style

Style: Retro Inspiration

When it comes to style posts, I usually say, “I’ll pass.” Who cares if I can get a celebrity lookalike dress for the bargain price of $326, when the actress paid 20x that? If you’re like me, that figure is more in the “monthly grocery” and less in the “weekly fashion allowance” budget. Ain’t no shame in that, sister!

But today I’m talking about using what you’ve already got to create some classic, vintage looks. I drew inspiration from some pretty timeless ladies who you might think of as fancy with a capital F (that). They sure could be, but when they channeled their casual sides, their looks were pretty freaking simple. Here, I’ll show you… Continue reading

Seinfeld Nails - The Friendly Fig

Cruelty Free Nails: Seinfeld Edition

Man hands and Bubble Boys and invitations, oh my! So. many. possibilities. here.

Not familiar with what we’re doing here? Well, please meet your favorite moments from your favorite TV shows, morphed into color form. That’s right…we set them to nail colors for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to visit other shows we’ve covered, and holler at us with future requests. So far, we’ve got Friends, The OfficeGilmore Girls, and The Walking Dead.

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DIY Terrarium - The Friendly Fig

DIY Terrarium

To say I’m not crafty is a gross understatement. I don’t Pinterest the day away, looking for my next DIY. Life is one big DIY. I’m on Pinterest for the food.

But my aunt Donna, on the other hand – very crafty lady. She knits, she antiques and repurposes, and more. I remember melting crayons and making candles at her Cape house as a kid. But that’s for another day…

The most recent project she spearheaded is worth sharing with even the busiest of you folk. It requires no upkeep and can even add some greenery to spaces that don’t get much light.

Please meet the DIY terrarium. Terrarium is a fancy way of saying “plant in jug.” But it’s more than that. It’s decorative, ornamental, and self-sustaining. (That last part has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?)  Continue reading

Cheap Thrift Shop Tips

Cheap (Thrift Shop) Thrills

I’m gonna pop some tags,

only got $20 in my pocket…

Macklemore on the brain last night as I rolled up to my first statewide kids’ consignment sale. Moms go nuts for this shit. I always pictured one of those deep discount bridal sales where betrothed bitches trample all over each other. Hai, no thanks.

That’s why I usually decline when my in-laws ask if I want to tag along twice a year. I give an enthusiastic “Nooope,” just like I do for Black Friday shopping. I’d rather pay triple and not deal with the lunatics who have to have the last [insert forgettable item here], and will absolutely cut a bitch to get it.

Anyway, guys, I was wrong. It was like going into a store and shopping like a normal person, only with ridiculously discounted prices. Who wouldn’t be bout dat?

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Veggie Fried Rice Recipe

Veggie Fried Rice

You know what’s delicious? Chinese food. You know what can be a little creepy if you start thinking too hard about it? Chinese food. So when the universe (err, Pinterest – same thing) kept introducing me to better-for-you fried rice recipes, I decided to take a friggin’ hint.

I used this one, but modified a whole lot. I subbed the butter, and said no to the oyster sauce. Do check out this blog, though. Stunning visuals and good ideas!

Guys, a disclaimer: I made this at my parents’ house for the family, and after I portioned some out for my squeamish ass, I mixed in the traditional egg for them before serving. You don’t have to.

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Green Gifts for Kids - The Friendly FIg

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Little Gremlins

You mean we’re *not done* buying shit for our kids yet? The holidays are over, but your little ones were know..born and stuff.

Here – have some inspiration. Just right for celebrating a birthday. Or begrudgingly bestowing gifts upon your uncle’s neighbor’s stepdaughter’s wretched little grandkid. He might grow up to do some serious damage. But these eco-friendly prezzies never harm a thing. Continue reading