Inside My Diaper Bag (Pre-Baby)

A Look Inside My Diaper Bag (Pre-Baby)

Hi friends! I’ve been going crazy these last few weeks to make sure everything is in order before baby girl arrives. This included me packing up my diaper bag. I know she isn’t here yet, and this is more than likely going to change A TON as I get to know her and our new situation, but this is just a start.

I’m a huge fan of watching mommy vloggers on YouTube and reading blog posts, of course. I pulled a lot of inspiration and ideas from such sources… so I hope I am not too off base here. I labeled this post “pre-baby” because I definitely plan on following up after she arrives and once we find our new groove. I’m sure it will vary, and I am actually excited to see the differences. So anyways, I hope you at least find this helpful or interesting!

First, if any of you are wondering… I have the Hip Cub diaper bag, which I was gifted at my shower. I have no complaints! It’s sturdy, roomy, and pretty cute for a diaper bag. It fits everything with ease and isn’t too heavy on the shoulders. It also came with a changing pad insert and straps that can attach to my stroller.

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Visiting WDW + Universal Orlando with Food Allergies

Visiting WDW + Universal Orlando with Food Allergies

Hi friends :)

By now, everyone knows that I am obsessed with eating vegan in Disney posts (and even Universal!) So you can imagine my excitement when I was called upon to share some of my thoughts and knowledge on the topic in a travel guide for visitors with dairy, gluten, and other food allergies. Uh, yes! I’d love to be featured and share as much knowledge as I can – I know how tough it can be when you are on vacation and struggling to find food that will nourish your body. No one wants to be sick on vacation, right? Not to mention, no one wants to eat bagged chips or granola bars the whole time, either. On vacation, you are entitled to real food – meals prepared to your liking and to your every need.
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10 Favorite Vegan-Friendly Sit Down Restaurants in Disney

10 Favorite Vegan-Friendly Sit Down Restaurants in Disney

Hi friends :)

Just talking about my favorite place in the world – again. I was reflecting on all the incredible meals I’ve had in Disney. It really is the most magical and vegan-friendly place on earth… which is everything to me. You will never go hungry here! I’ve counted down my favorite quick service stops in the past, so it’s only right that I show the sit-down restaurants some love – and I mean A LOT of love. These places have my heart.

The number one thing to remember when you are dining in Disney – if you are making an online reservation, be sure to check off your allergies. This way, the chef will be prepared for your arrival. You can also email or call (407) 939-3463 to make sure they are aware. I have done both in the past to be safe and have never had any issues when I arrived!
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Eating Vegan at Universal Orlando

Eating Vegan at Universal + The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Time to share my vegan experience at Universal Orlando Studios, Islands of Adventure, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I’ll be blunt and upfront about it – it’s not very vegan-friendly when you compare it to Disney. HOWEVER, it was certainly not impossible for me. I took a few photos of what I ate, and will recap some of the other items I didn’t snap but still enjoyed. Out of any place, Wizarding World was the easiest place to veganize (yay!) And the pumpkin juice was vegan, so all was well with me.
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Eating Vegan in Disney World 2016

Eating Vegan in Disney World 2016

Hi friends!

As promised, I’m here with quite a round-up of all the vegan food I enjoyed in Disney. As always, it was 100% vegan-friendly and I never went hungry. Actually, I definitely ate way more than I should have… but hey, honeymoon!

As long as you let your server/cast member know that you have an allergy/are vegan, they are very accommodating. Almost every time I mentioned it, they would grab the chef to come speak with me about options and review any ingredients/dishes I had questions about. It is very refreshing to see so much care!
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Disney Honeymoon 2016

Honeymoon Bliss

Happy Friday, friends :)

I’ve finally sorted through, edited, and got around to uploading a ton of photos from our honeymoon. I mean… over 100 photos below the cut. I could go on and on about how incredible our honeymoon was, but I’ll just let the photos do the talking today. I’ll be working on vegan food diary posts for both Disney and Universal (expect them sometime next week!)

It was truly the most magical and blissful week. We took it easy, acted like kids, ate like kings and queens, and really soaked up the fact that we’re married. It was beautiful. xx
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Disney World Honeymoon

Disney Honeymoon Plans + Tips

HI! This post is probably going to be long and consist of tons of yelling and excessive [!!!] because it’s all about our dreamy honeymoon in DISNEY! Disney, yes. I think I’ve said it before on here… but yes we are going to Disney because we are literally 2 big kids. It doesn’t matter if we go every year… there is just no place we’d rather be or celebrate the start of our marriage than the most magical place on Earth. Rollercoasters, delicious vegan food, fireworks, shows, shopping, pool, ahhhh. It’s everything. We’re also doing Universal for 2 days, AKA THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER! Eeeeeee! I haven’t been to Universal in at least a decade, so you can imagine my excitement.

I thought it would be fun to share some of our plans (I am quite a planner – down to pool time) and some of what I’m packing. Just a little peak into my travel bag and life ;)

Warning: really long post ahead.
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10 Vegan-Friendly Quick Stop Restaurants Disney World

10 Favorite Vegan-Friendly Quick Stop Restaurants in Disney

Here I come with another vegan Disney post, because I am soooo excited to just GET THERE at the end of the month for our honeymoon!

Most of the time when we tell someone we are going to Disney for our honeymoon, we get the typical, “really, why?” I mean, sure… we go every year and I have been going for my whole life but honestly… I just can’t help myself. Disney World is my favorite place in the whole world. It’s pure magic. It takes me out of everyday life and plops me right into a dream. It’s a special place for both of us (and we have no shame in that!) Also… we are not those people who can just lay on a beach for a week. We need to be constantly moving, and we need rollercoasters. Basically, we are two large children who love nothing more than a Mickey pretzel, some fireworks, and a side of adrenaline. AND I WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY! This is why I am marrying Joe, after all. He gets me ;)

So when people say, “really why?” I mean… WHY NOT!! There’s so much to do, and there is a reason why it is the #1 honeymoon destination, yeah? YEAH. TAKE ME TO THE CASTLE, NOW.

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Eating Vegas in Vegas

Eating Vegan in Vegas

Hi friends! I promised a food update from Vegas :)

I’ve been so excited to compile this post… like basically the moment I got there. The very first restaurant we went to, I was floored by how many options I had – and this pattern continued throughout the entirety of the trip. I snapped pictures of (almost) everything I ate… my friends love me and totally get it ;)

I honestly can’t believe how easy it was eating here… but actually, it does make sense. Vegas is a top vacation destination in the US, so they sort of HAVE to be accommodating for the wide variety of visitors. It just made me so happy to know I didn’t have to go crazy with swapping out ingredients and all that jazz. I’m typically a little shy when it comes to that and just settle on french fries (haha!)

After the jump, I’ll break down each day!
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Vegas, Baby

Welp, I am officially feeling a bit jet lag from Vegas!

We took a red-eye last night and I slept the whole way (literally fell asleep before take-off) but all day I was lethargic… I came home, got comfy, unpacked, made soup, and vegged out. Took about a 2-hour nap… and now I am pretty awake. So hey, good opportunity to go through and edit some photos! I took a ton, but want to share a few of my favorite moments with you.

I won’t get into a huge ramble, but I’ll just say: Vegas, you won me over this time around. While I am not the biggest fan of the actual strip (I get kinda bored… oops), my sister lives off strip and she showed us around. It was gorgeous – especially the Red Rocks. From the Britney Spears show to Mat Franco ;) to the Red Rocks… it was really a weekend for the books. So many laughs, tears, and moments. I’m very grateful for the ladies in my life.

Oh, and the vegan food. SO MUCH VEGAN FOOD. I’ll be writing a whole post dedicated to that, so stay tuned and keep an eye out Monday.

Pictures after the break!

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