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6 Grab ‘n Go Vegan Breakfasts

You don’t need to plan what I like to call a “whole thing” when it comes to vegan breakfast. Sure, I’d love to eat a tofu scramble with a side of tempeh bacon every morning, but that is just not in the cards for this busy betch. So when your too busy cleaning out the litter box to make yourself a sit-down breakfast, relax. We’ve got you covered.

#1: Clif Bar. I love you so, Clif bars. My favorite flavor is Cool Mint Chocolate, but there are sooo many flavors. You’re bound to find one you love. They are super filling, too, holding my hangry ass over for at least 3 hours.

#2: Naked Green Machine Juice. Nothing like a glass of green to wake up the senses. This one by Naked is pretty sweet, but is great when you are on the run. Of course, you can juice yourself, too… but that takes a bit more time!

#3: Muffin or Scone. Homemade, of course. Just do a little bit of baking the night before, and you won’t have to worry about breakfast for the remainder of the week. Here’s a pomegranate scone recipe to inspire you.

#4: Fresh Smoothie. Okay, so this takes a little more effort in the morning, but very minimal! To save time, add all fruit and veggies that you will be using to a bag and leave in the freezer overnight. First thing in the morning, toss ’em in a blender with some nut milk/water, peanut butter, and whatever the hell else you want to add. Grind and go!

#5: Unfrosted Original Pop-Tarts. Not that Pop-tarts are the best choice for breakfast, but hey, they are quick… and accidentally vegan. It’s only fair to show you a wide range of options, right? Plus… sometimes you need to be reminded of your youth.

#6: Thomas’ Plain Bagels. Did you know that Thomas’ plain bagels were also accidentally vegan? Spread some Tofutti cream cheese on that bad boy and hit the road.

I highly recommend the fresh smoothie – it’s my go-to, and it’s certainly the healthiest.

Oh, one of those days, you say? Okay, go for the Pop-Tart, sista. xx Bianca


8 thoughts on “6 Grab ‘n Go Vegan Breakfasts

  1. Incidentally, Australian’s aren’t that fond of Poptarts because of their sugar content, supposedly! I used to love the blueberry ones but they’re surprisingly hard to find. Now I’m all about a good smoothie! Always throw in kale and protein powder.

    • I’m the same with PopTarts – they were so good when I was a kid and then you grow up and it’s like… oh God, this is sooo bad for me! Haha! But I am definitely a smoothie girl, too :)

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