Potato and Guacamole

Bianca’s Go-To Breakfast

Good morning, guys :) This is an old pic, but I thought it would be fun to share my go-to breakfast. I would say… 4 out of 7 days a week, I turn to this “not your average” breakfast plate. It’s simple, really. One baked potato with some mashed avocado on the side. What, you don’t eat a baked potato for breakfast?

Ever since I adopted a vegan diet, my taste buds have changed drastically. I crave savory food more often than sweet food, which is new for me. When it comes to breakfast, I’m all about eating greens and vegetables now. So, it’s not your normal breakfast dish, but hey, who the hell decided what is and is not breakfast, anyways? A baked potato is nutritious, filling, and so freaking delicious when sprinkled with lemon juice and paired with mashed avo. *DROOL*

No, unfortunately I do not always have a pink potato for breakfast – but this was definitely one of the highlights of all the potato and avo breakfasts I have had!! Cool color, same taste, better experience ;)

This really isn’t a recipe post, but more of a SERIOUSLY-JUST-EAT-IT-FOR-BREAKFAST post. You know, just some inspiration. All I do is bake the potato for 5 min in the microwave. While it’s baking, I mash an entire avocado (yeah, I eat the whole damn thing) with fresh lemon juice, salt, and red pepper flakes. I save a little lemon to squeeze on the potato when it first comes out – ohhhh lemon and potatoes <333

I either leave the mash on the side or top it off. It never fails to fill me up. That’s what she said. xx bianca


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