Vegan Food Documentaries

10 Eye-Opening Documentaries

Good morning, loves :) It’s a cloudy morning and I’m up at 5:47 AM. I love blogging when the house is still quiet. It sets a good mood for the day, before having to go to work for 9 hours and all the hustle and bustle. I have my oil diffuser on (lemongrass and lavender!) and Lord Huron is playing in the background. Side note, Lord Huron is an incredible artist, and you should listen to this song. Anyone else a fan?

Anywayyyyssss. Today, I’m talking to all the Netflix bingers, Netflix-and-Chillers, and couch potatoes. When people ask me how they can get started with a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, I always tell them the same thing: watch the documentaries. I’ve said it over and over again on here, but it’s worth saying again because these are what really pushed and inspired me to go all in. After watching these, I never looked back. Whether you are looking to go vegetarian/vegan, bored, or just need some eye-opening facts to kick health into gear, these will do it for ya.

#1: Vegucated

I’ll start with my favorite one! This is ultimately the documentary that got me in board. It follows three meat eaters who go vegan for 6 weeks. Watching real people go through this is super inspiring (and you know, real). It covers everything from the health aspect to factory farming. It’s just sends a powerful message, and I highly recommend. Learn more HERE.

#2: Food Inc.

A classic, Food Inc. digs deep into the food industry and where it is heading. It goes into great detail about slaughter houses and all the ethical reasons to be vegetarian/vegan but that is only one section of it. There is also segments on GMOs, pollution, the corn industry, etc. Interesting for just about anyone because it’s about food in general… and we should all be aware of what we ingest! Find it on Netflix or learn more HERE.

#3: Food Matters

This documentary is so interesting, because it dives into research that shows a plant-based diet can help reverse illness, heart disease, and even cancer. I’m not a researcher or a doctor, so please do not assume that this is true… but the evidence and studies are compelling and worth a watch. It’s scientific, and really drives home the fact that nutritional therapy can be just as effective than other medical treatments (and more beneficial, in some cases). Watch the trailer HERE and find it on Netflix.

#4: Hungry for Change

This doc goes over our bad habits as humans and the chemical shitstorms that we put into our body. Shocking secrets in the diet, weight-loss, and the food industry are revealed. Consider your eyes wide open. You deserve to know! Catch it on Netflix or HERE.

#5: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Following an unhealthy, junk-food-eating truck driver, this doc shows the transition from fast food to drinking only fresh fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days. Joe’s story is incredible, inspiring, and will have you rooting for him all 3,000 miles of his journey. Watch the film for free HERE or on Netflix.

#6: Fed Up

Plant-based diets aside, Fed Up examines the sugar that we put into our bodies, and how it is is everything we eat. It is absolutely disgusting, and this one really hit home for me. I eat a ton of sweets, and it has made me rethink dessert. Trust me – I like to treat myself – but this is definitely one you’ll remember next time you are mindlessly snacking! Again, Netflix or HERE.

#7: Forks Over Knives

This documentary features leading experts on health and examines the link between animal-based products that we eat and cancer. It promotes a plant-based diet, and their research that backs the promotion is absolutely compelling. Find it on Netflix and download HERE.


Why won’t they tell us which products have GMOs and which don’t? That’s what Jeremy wants to know for the sake of his health, his wife’s, and his three adorable kiddos. He makes it his personal mission to get to the bottom of it and explores large corporations and smaller farms. Makes you rethink everything, trust me. It’s on Netflix, but you can learn more HERE.

#9: Conspiracy

This takes a turn from health and focuses on the environment issues that our world faces – and how fast we are destructing our own home. A plant-based diet across the board would help, and that is what makes this film so informative. I felt so angry after watching it, so just a heads up. It’s highly disturbing, and not in a blood and guts kind of way. Cold hard facts about our rainforest and about our nation’s secret will leave you speechless. It’s finally on Netflix – yay! Learn more HERE.

#10: Earthlings

If you want to open your eyes to animal cruelty, you can check out the documentary Earthlings. This does not only touch on factory farming, but also the fur industry, the circus, animal testing, and pet stores. It is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, who has been vegan since he was 3 years old. WARNING: This is not for the weak of stomach. It is very graphic, and very disturbing. Watch at your own discretion.

So there you have it – the official watch list for aspiring vegetarians and vegans. But again, it’s much more than that. These docs will open your eyes to a number of issues, and make you second-guess what you are putting into your body. You only get one body – put the right fuel into it, and it will take care of you. It’s time that we all took a step back and assessed what counts as real food, and what doesn’t.

Did I miss one? Share it with me – I probably haven’t seen it, and I would love to. xx bianca