Vegan Style: Fall Bag

Vegan Style: Fall Bag

Hi friends! I’m excited to share another vegan find with you all – I grabbed it about a month ago, but have finally got around to writing this. Well, to be honest… I am writing this a week in advance to make sure I am covered before the big wedding weekend (by now, I’ll be married… EEK!)

I love this bag sooo much, and it is the same brand as the summer bag I posted about a couple months back. Safe to say, I love the brand EMPERIA. It’s durable, soft, and this color in particular really stole my heart the minute I saw it. I think they call it “camel?” I like to call it caramel – this caramel color is my all-time favorite. It’s warm for autumn, and it goes well with everything. Guess how much it costs?

Vegan Bag EMPERIA Brand

Did you guess? It cost $29.99. THAT’S IT! Super affordable, cruelty-free style. Being plant-based, I am not always as diligent as I should be when it comes to buying things. I am trying my hardest to get better at it. When it comes to household products and beauty, I have transitioned 100%, but I am still working on clothes/accessories. Just being 100% honest. So please, if you know any amazing brands when it comes to clothing, shoes, accessories, etc… comment below. I’m trying to soak this information up like a sponge.

So, a $30 bag with plenty of room. The only two downsides to this bag are that there are no compartments and there is no zipper to close (only a button). Luckily, I have a ton of small pouches that I use and it’s not that big of a deal. It’s very spacious, so it fits everything quite nicely.

Also – funny story. I was torn between this one and another EMPERIA bag – same color, zipper, etc. It was just not quite my style as this one. I loved the fringe, and just had a better feeling with this one. Anyways, I got in line with the OTHER ONE, realized I made a mistake, and booked it back to grab the other. Just as I grabbed it, another woman ran over to grab it. I was so taken aback! She scoffed at me and asked if I was going to get it. Ahhh, I am so not confrontational. I apologized and said yes. I felt terrible, but she was being kinda snooty about it! I mean… I grabbed it? It’s mine, right? It was such a weird encounter. LOL So weird and so uncomfortable that I am still dwelling over it. I think it’s time to get over it, right? Tell me it’s okay!

So, there’s the much longer story than necessary about my new fall bag. I’m in love with it, and I am so happy that TJ Maxx and Marshalls are killing it in the cruelty-free department. Between the beauty products, snack aisle, and bags… I am smitten. Also the fact that TJ Maxx is right across the street from where I work is terrible for my bank account.

Okay, now that I rambled on and on about a bag. I think that’s about it! I’m in love with this, and I am so excited to kick off the best month ever with kind style.

Please – share some of your favorite brands below. I need all the help I can get! Have a gorgeous day! xx bianca


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  1. That bag is gorgeous!! I feel finding vegan shoes I like super challenging. I love cute sneaks, & it seems everything has suede or leather :( Have any tips?

    • I feel the same – I too have trouble! I don’t have any tips (just yet – I will have to work on this!) but I have found that Target often carries vegan shoes. I also just do a lot of research online of brands before making a purchase – particularly when it comes to Vans, Toms, etc. I wish I could be of more help!

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