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Vegan on a Roadtrip: My Snack Satchel

As you all know by now, I am on my way to see Sara in PA! So excited to get there – just 6 more hours to go! Before heading off, I took a quick pic of what I’ll be traveling with. Sara is all about posting vegan travel tips, so I figured I would throw in my two cents.

Everyone needs a snack satchel. Especially me, who needs to eat every 2 hours or so… or else the hangry sets in. See what I’m bringing!

#1: Clif Bars. I’m literally having a love affair with Clif bars. Thank God they are vegan! These are not only filling, but pack some protein, too. I’ve been digging the new Pear Apple Strudel. One for our way there, one for the way back!

#2: Ginger Chews. I love ginger, and these Trader Joe chews are the real deal. I treat them as gum, with one every few hours or so… though it is hard to stop. They are also great if you have a stomach ache… soooo… gotta have ’em!

#3: Almonds. These nuts are filling and tasty, plain and simple. Joe will nosh on these with me, too.

#4: Coconut Chips. One of my favorite Trader Joe’s snacks! Between the both of us, we could polish off a bag in 20 minutes or less.

#5: Dried Figs. We don’t call ourselves the Friendly Fig for nothing, ya know. Big fan of figs over here!! Especially dried mission figs… so naturally, had to have ’em. Easy to pack, and a sweet treat.

Aside from these, I will also pack some apples and water bottles in the cooler. Maybe even some carrot sticks. It is good to be prepared for a long drive! Having these snacks on hand will help keep me satisfied (no hangry, whiny meltdowns during the 6 hour drive) and keep me away from convenience stores (aka mostly garbage).

What do you pack on road trips? Would love to hear! xx


12 thoughts on “Vegan on a Roadtrip: My Snack Satchel

  1. Traveling vegan is always a challenge and takes a lot of planning and foresight–loving your satchel!

  2. Clif bars are great. We usually have almonds and raisins nearby, but bananas are the go-to travel fruit (especially on bike!). Where’d you get the satchel?

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