Sweet Baby Products For Registry

Baby Products I’m Loving

I haven’t done a post about what I’m loving in a while! Since everything revolves around baby these days, I wanted to share some of the products that I am most excited about using once she arrives. There’s so much on the market, but these all caught my eye. I cannot wait!

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links, which means that I’ll receive a commission if you purchase from this link. This will not change or increase the cost of your purchase. This extra income provides for my family and keeps The Friendly Fig running strong.

Bumkins Lion King Bibs

I can’t get over these!! The Lion King is one of my favorite Disney classics, and I love the color and patterns on these. They are waterproof and can be easily rinsed in sink vs. washer. I LOVE THAT.

Silicone Placemat

It’s a whale placemat… enough said.

Reusable Food Pouches

The colors, the animals, the reviews. I’m sold on these. Between mashed avocado, smoothies, coconut yogurt… I feel like I’ll get a ton of use out of them. They are so sweet and vibrant.

Woodland Sleeping Sack

How freaking cute is this? I am registering for a couple sleeping sacks (no blankets in the crib) and this one is definitely my favorite. I love the happy little trees! Having a Bob Ross moment.

Rosie Pope Blankets

Palms, pineapples, and mermaids. These basically embody everything I love, which I hope will be everything she loves. These got great reviews for softness, too. I am super excited about them.

Fruit Nibbler/Teether

If this kiddo is anything like her mom, she will enjoy fruit from a young age (crossing fingers, anyway!) I’m super excited to try these for her first introductions.

Margaux & May Swaddle Blankets

Aside from Aden + Anais, these swaddle blankets had the best reviews (5-stars on Amazon!) I have to admit, the gorgeous floral patterns initially caught my eye, but I am glad to see the quality score. These will be perfect and light as a stroller blanket, tummy time, etc.

Baby Penguin Wubbanub

Give me a break with this. Joe picked it out for her, and I’m swooning.

Colorful Waterproof Bibs

These waterproof bibs got great reviews, and I really love the variety of colors. Not sure if you can tell, but this baby girl is going to be surrounded by the colors of the rainbow. I am not really a “pink” person, so she’s going to be getting a taste of everything. Anyways – the bibs. I love they they have three snaps for adjustability as she grows. And again, the reviews speak for themselves.

Into the Jungle Dream Blanket

Can you tell that I can’t get enough blankets? I imagine you can never have enough – and the patterns are just so sweet. I love this Into the Jungle pattern by Aden + Anais. I like that it is heavier than a swaddle blanket. We’ll get lots of use out of this!

JellyCat Farm Tails Book

My husband and I decided to raise our daughter vegetarian (a happy medium between my vegan diet and his). I think this book will be a great and subtle way to teach her that animals are our friends. Plus… how cute?

Any mama birds out there have experience with any of these products? I’d love to hear about it! xx bianca