Vegan Shoe Alert: OluKai

Vegan Shoe Alert: OluKai

Hi friends! How are you guys? I’ve been good over here – very busy to say the least… between baby prep and just general summer events and whatnot. Every weekend has been packed, but good. Staying busy makes the time go by much faster as we burst with excitement to meet our sweet girl!

I’ve also been so fortunate lately to have amazing vegan brands collaborating with me and sharing their products. When OluKai footwear reached out, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. A vegan shoe brand that carries slip-ons – yes!! If you guys know me, you know that I basically live in slip-ons or my Vans sneakers. I’m all about casual comfort. I was really excited to grab a pair of these and start wearing them out this summer.

Vegan Shoe Alert: OluKai
To give you a little bit of background on OluKai if you are not familiar, this is a footwear company that offers vegan shoes for a good price. As a vegan shoe, each pair is made with top-quality synthetic materials without the use of animal products. By choosing ethically-made shoes, you are not only reducing your carbon footprint, you are honoring and respecting animals and our environment. It is worth noting that you’ll need to check out their vegan shoe section (as not all are vegan). However, I wasn’t sure if the Pehuea style was vegan or not, so I reached out and they kindly let me know that they actually are! So do not hesitate to browse the entire site and ask if a particular style speaks to you. I was glad I did.

These shoes are well-made and of great quality. It took me a couple days to break in, but they definitely fit true to size. I really loved the Pehuea style in black, but there are so many other choices – especially sandals for the summer. I was tempted with the sandals, but had to stay true to my black slip-on soul.

Vegan Shoe Alert: OluKai

These are not only stylish, but are super comfy and versatile. I can wear them with jeans and a tee or a breezy black dress (which seems to be my go-to in the summer). Plus, really looking forward to rocking them in the fall.

The number one thing about these shoes though – BREATHABILITY. I’ll be honest – yes, I am a fan of Toms and Vans but they can get so stuffy in the summer, so I don’t wear them much in the heat. The fabric on these shoes is so breathable and light-weight… I can actually feel the air/breeze on my feet when walking. It’s so nice and allows me to rock them even on the hottest days.

When kindness and compassion meets fashion, you really can’t go wrong. If you weren’t aware of OluKai and their vegan shoe line before, I hope this was helpful and shows you that there are a ton of brands out there who are making big changes and hopping on the compassion bandwagon. With just a little research, you’ll find that shopping cruelty-free is getting easier and easier. Yay for change!

Anyone else a fan? xx bianca


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