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Newborn Essentials + Favorites 2017

The thing is – newborns need very little. Aside from the diapers/wipes/car seat, I did find that some products I used much more than others, and they quickly became a part of our daily routine. I know this varies from baby-to-baby, so what works best for me may not necessarily be the best for your little one, but hey… maybe it will help you in some way. That’s my hope, anyway. :)

Here’s my very subjective list of essentials.

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Bassinet. We decided to use a bassinet for the first few months instead of the crib. I felt and slept better with her close by! Whichever product you choose to use for your bassinet is your choice, but it’s important that it is free of all blankets/toys/anything else. It should just be a fitted sheet only. We use and love the Halo Bassinest.

Zip-up sleepers.
Willow lived in zip-up sleepers the first few weeks (and even now). They are so easy to put on and off (trust me… you’ll be doing this all day between messes and diaper changes) and they are very comfortable for a newborn. Cozy and easy! Buttons are okay, too… just a little more time consuming. The Burt’s Bees onesies are my favorite.

Boppy lounger. While I am not the biggest fan of the actual Boppy (it’s a little awkward for breastfeeding, for us), I LOVE the Boppy lounger. So does Willow. I don’t leave her in it often, but it is perfect when I am getting ready in the morning and just need a soft spot to put her down while I get some things done. She’s always smitten in it, too.

Swaddle blankets. So… I love aden + anais for everything else but swaddling. I may be in the minority, but whatever. The very best swaddle blankets when she was a newborn were the ones we got from the hospital (by Medline). Do yourself a favor and take a couple if you are able to! I only took one and regret it… but that’s what the washer is for. I also really love the ones I got from Little Unicorn as she outgrew the hospital size. They are large, hold well, and she doesn’t get out of them easily! We use them every night.

Burp cloths. More specifically, prefold cloth diapers. These things are super cheap, absorbent, and I have them draped over ever chair in the house. No joke. I bought some of the Burt’s Bees burp cloths, but they are nothing compared to the prefolds. I regret them, especially because they were more expensive!

Wipeable changing pad cover. There aren’t a whole lot out there, but I found them at Target and they are a lifesaver. I can’t even count how many times she peed or pooped in the middle of a diaper change and a quick clean-up is invaluable until you can finish up the change and get a load of laundry in. Honestly, never buy cloth ones if you can find a wipeable one!

Swing/Rock ‘n Play. Willow really loves her swing (we have this one) and rock ‘n play. I use both interchangeably… the swing when she is awake and just needs some stimulation (and will eventually fall asleep) and the rock ‘n play when I need to put her down for a daytime nap and keep her close. Both have been a saving grace!

WubbaNub pacifiers. She won’t take any pacifier but this one. It is so freaking adorable – we have three. They are the best because they are weighted and do not fall out easily. She also learned very early how to put them back in her own mouth – I was very impressed!

Comotomo bottles. These are my favorite bottles. I both pump and nurse Willow, so I wanted a bottle that closely resembled that feeling and found these to be the best. These are perfect for when I am exhausted and need Joe to feed her… invaluable!! My second favorite would be Avent bottles, because they screw right onto the Spectra S2 pump parts – pumping into the bottle = less mess.

Tummy time mat. This Jungle “gym” was not only perfect for tummy time, but kept her entertained for at least 10-20 minutes a day. She loves looking up at the animals and the music has her giggling and wiggling. I’m sure we will be using this for a long time!

Baby carrier. Specifically, I love my Baby K’tan and Ring Sling. The Baby K’tan is super soft, comfortable, easy to use, and perfect for a newborn. I get a lot done around the house when she wants to be close to mama. I just love this wrap… but I love the ring sling equally, because it is also comfortable and really quick and easy to put on. Willow loves both, too!

White noise machine. Any ‘ol kind will do. We use a couple in our house, like the Sleep Sheep, this elephant (right next to our bed!), and this on-the-go sound machine. She’s out like a light when we use these… and we use every single one. So glad we were gifted them!

Diaper rash cream. I know this is an essential on all lists, but wanted to say how much I love Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. It works so quickly!

Tommee Tippee Bibs. Any other bibs aside from these were useless. I love the Tommee Tippee nursing bibs because the extra cushion around the neck catches EVERYTHING – and Willow is a messy eater.

Musical toy. This is more of a favorite than a must-have, but Willow LOVES this little caterpillar. We’ve played the music during diaper changes since week 1 and she absolutely loves it still. She loves looking at its big eyes, too.

So there you have it – some of the products that made the first three months with Willow run as smooth as possible. What were some of your go-to newborn essentials? xx bianca


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  1. Our first is almost 10 and the bibs with the added cushion either did not exist or were not popular enough for me to know about them – this time around, we are armed with a bunch of them. They even look more comfortable!

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