Cheap + Easy Vegan: Rice and Lentils 5 Ways

Cheap + Easy Vegan: Rice and Lentils 5 Ways

Rice and lentils are a cheap AF staple in my diet. Literally, every single week I will make a huge pot of white rice and a huge pot of brown lentils cooked according to package and then blend, store away, and enjoy throughout the week. To some, this may seem bland on its own (it’s not) but I find creative ways to eat this throughout the week for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Not only does it take only 20 minutes to prep this combo, but it’s filling, nutritious, and the best past… CHEAP!! A 5 lb bag of rice cost me $5. A lb of lentils cost me $1. Each serving is literally pennies. You just can’t go wrong with this combo. Of course, if you aren’t into lentils, you could always sub in beans. I go back and forth between the two, but lentils are my number one.

Anyways, now that I’ve sold you on how cheap this is, here are some easy ways that I enjoy my rice and lentils throughout the week.

As Is with a Kick

What I Eat As A Breastfeeding Vegan Mom
The simplest way to enjoy, but still super tasty. Grab your favorite hot sauce and enjoy. My favorite is Frank’s Red Hot.

In a Bowl

What I Eat As A Vegan Food Inspiration
Super refreshing! Some romaine, lemon, and broccoli brighten lentils and rice right up.

As a Burrito

What I Eat As A Breastfeeding Vegan Mom
My favorite way to enjoy anything, really. Rolled up into a burrito! No rules here, but this one has broccoli, romaine, lentils, rice, tofutti cream cheese, and hot sauce.

As a Salad

What I Eat As A Breastfeeding Vegan Mom
Top off a simple salad with a cup of rice and lentils for added protein. Salad is way more filling this way. This is also drizzled with a spicy vegan mayo dressing.

With Veggies + Sauce

What I Eat As A Breastfeeding Vegan Mom
Add some frozen veggies to your lentils and rice, and choose a dressing. I opted for a little tahini here. Also, this is easy because you can use whatever vegetables you have in your freezer. I had corn, peas, and green beans.

How would you enjoy rice and lentils? xx bianca


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