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Vegan Style: Summer Bag

hi guys!

I am super excited to write this post, because you can imagine how excited I was to spot a clearly-marked vegan handbag at Marshalls. I actually could not believe it. A discount store such as Marshalls carrying a vegan handbag is a huge feat, in my opinion. It just goes to show that the market demands more options, and the more people demand, the more people will become aware. It’s a beautiful thing (much like this bag).

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As far as I could see, this was the only vegan bag available at the time, so I’m glad it came in a gorgeous pale peach color. Cool and clean for the summer, and goes with just about anything I am wearing.

So – the brand is EMPERIA. Have you heard of them? All their handbags are made with vegan leather (win), lead-free, and are carefully crafted in their warehouses. While browsing their website, I took a look at their partners page to see where else I may find their bags – TJ Maxx, Francesca’s, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s to name a few. I would highly recommend trying a local TJ Maxx and Marshalls, because this bag only cost me $24.99. RIGHT?

As far as the bag itself – it is very durable and of high-quality. It has a number of zipper compartments – two on the outside and one inside, as well as two spaces for sunglasses/cell phone, etc. Very roomy, and I love that the flap folds over.

I really just had to share this with you – and this brand – because I was so excited. Even if the bag was more expensive, I would have grabbed it! It proves that vegan fashion does not have to be inexpensive, and most importantly, that no animal needs to die for a statement piece.

I am going to keep checking back to see if they carry any other styles, and you know that I’ll update you if I find something. I would love to share more vegan fashion products that I come across and grab. It’s something different, and I think that we could all benefit from a good deal. Also… a lot of fun having a quick photoshoot with my mom at our local park. ;)

So there you have it. Budget-friendly vegan style. Thanks for listening to me ramble about my find! Definitely let me know if you have any EMPERIA bags in the comment section… or any other brand for that matter. I am slowly but surely trying my very best to transform my closet into a cruelty-free space. It’s a tough transition, but baby steps will get me there. Bye friends :) xx bianca


8 thoughts on “Vegan Style: Summer Bag

  1. That’s awesome!! Last time I wa at Marshall’s they had the cutest (clearly marked) vegan leather jackets (this was a few years back so I don’t remember te brand). I really wanted one but none were left on my size…

    • Hi Rosemary! That is AMAZING! I will need to keep my eyes peeled – I never thought to check the jackets. I love unexpectedly finding products like this… it shows that the demand is increasing :) xx

      • Oh and last time my sister was there she picked up this dry shampoo- I think the name was Batiste- and it was cruelty free too!! Said vegan right on the bottle :)

  2. Bianca hi… that’s wonderful news… and such a great looking bag too! Yes, we’ll all keep looking for these wonderful vegan bags and clothing too… Thanks dearest!

    • Haha! I know tell me about it – I always make a point to check when I am there now… bad news for my wallet ;) xx

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