My Vegan Prenatal Vitamin Routine

My Vegan Prenatal Vitamin Routine

Hi friends!

I already had a couple people come to me with this question, so I wanted to share my prenatal vitamin routine for those who are plant-based/vegan/vegetarian and who see kids in their future. One wouldn’t think that vitamins could be an issue, but it’s true – there are a lot of vitamins out there that use animal products. Sometimes, even just the protective gel around the vitamin features animal-based products. Because of this, it took me a little longer than usual to choose prenatal vitamins.

I started taking prenatals about 3 months before I actually got pregnancy. I did this for a few reasons: 1) I wanted my body to get used to this new vitamin before the morning sickness arrived, and 2) they say it helps with pregnancy to build up the nutrients. A lot of your baby’s development will happen the very first few weeks of pregnancy (before you may even know!) and it is so important to make sure the nutrients are there.

Now – disclaimer, I am not a doctor. I am just a blogger sharing my experience with prenatals. I took these to my own OBGYN to get the go-ahead based on my own health. You should always consult your own doctor before assuming.

Just had to clear that up! But okay, prenatals. So first, this is what I am taking:

DEVA One Daily Prenatal
Certified vegan by the Vegan Society, these had good reviews on Amazon and I already knew I liked this brand because of my B12 supplement (which I also still take). My doctor said everything I needed was covered in this, and I have had no issues. I do know I eat a very well-balanced diet and so far have not had many issues meeting my needs, so it is good to know that I am covered on the days that I may fall short. The main thing here is folic acid, and this has 550 mcg. I have read that you should have 600-800 mcg, but my doctor assured me that this paired with my diet was fine (especially since I eat a diet rich with vegetables and greens). However, I still wanted to be safe, so I also take…

DEVA Vegan B12, B6 + Folic Acid

I have been taking this vegan B12/B6 tablet for a year or so, and I love it. The very best part is that it also has 400 mcg of folic acid. I feel much better knowing that it gives me that extra boost. The B6 is also good for alleviating nausea.

I’ve been taking the Spectrum brand for DHA (for brain development and more). It something you do not find in most (or any?) prenatal vitamins so this is one I made sure to grab. I was nervous because it is algae and was afraid it may taste bad or have a weird aftertaste but nothing at all. No issues! It actually has no smell. Win!

Now, a couple notes. I mentioned that I started taking the DEVA One Daily early and I am happy I did because the first few times I took these in the morning, I got sick. I mean, dry-heaving and nauseas sick (and I took with food). When I asked my doctor, she told me that these were a bit stronger than my old vitamin routine and it is normal. She also mentioned that a lot of women take their prenatals before bed so that they don’t feel the nauseas and sleep it off. As soon as I started doing that, no problems at all. As long as you take the vitamins – no matter what time – those nutrients will not fail you. I also like to think that the nutrients have more time to get soaked up because I am not peeing through the night. I have no idea if this makes a difference or not, but hey… it’s nice to think it!

I know some women take a ton of prenatals, but I feel very comfortable (as does my doctor) with taking these three. I know that my diet is strong, colorful, and mostly fruits, veggies, grains, and nuts. I know that I get a lot of what I need naturally. But again, it is very important to have the safety net of these three (especially the DHA + EPA).

I feel happy and healthy, and well on my way to a nourished, beautiful plant-based pregnancy. It is so possible, and I hope you can see that. xx bianca

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